Medal commemorating the successes of 1758

Medal commemorating the successes of 1758. Obverse: Britannia, seated on a car drawn by a lion, drives over French lilies. On either side walk Justice and Liberty. Above is a band inscribed 'FOEDUS INVICTUM.' (The unconquered alliance.) Below, the date 'MDCCLVIII.' Around are inscribed the successes of the year, with the dates and the names of several commanders. 'SENEGAL . MAI . 2 . MARSH . MASON. LOUISBOURG . IUL . 27 . BOSCAWEN-AMHURST. FRONTIC. AUG . 27. BRADSTREET. S . MALOS. IUN 16. MARLBRO. CHERBOURG . AUG . 16. HOW. DUQUESNE . NOV . 27. FORBES. GOREE DEC. 29. KEPPEL.' Reverse: A shield bearing a reversed lily within a ribbon inscribed 'PERFIDIA EVERSA' (perfidy overthrown) supported by the lion of England and the horse of Hanover. On a band below: 'W . PITT . AUSP . GEO . II . PR . MI .' (William Pitt, Prime Minister, under the auspices of George II). Exergue: 'MDCCLIX.' Around are inscribed the successes of the year, with the names of several commanders and the dates. 'NIAGARA IOHNSON JULY . 25. QUEBEC WOLFE. MONCKN. TOWNSD. SEP. 13 & 18. CROWN POINT AMHURST AUG. 4. HAWKE. QUIBERON NOV. 20 GUADALOUPE. BARINGN. MOORE. MAY. I. MINDEN. FERDINAND. AUG. I. LAGOS. BOSCAWEN. AUG. 19.'

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