India and back with HRH the Prince of Wales. HMS Serapis 1875-76

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Ephemera No.1: Invitation to a Welcome Home reception of Prince of Wales in the Guildhall 19 May 1876. The invitation is numbered 4077 and it is a blank example.
Page 2.
Ephemera No.2: a hand coloured chart showing the route taken by the Prince of Wales on his voyage to India and back.
Ephemera No.3: A printed calendar listing the arrival and departure times of Serapis and the engagements undertaken by the Prince of Wales during his journey through India.

Page 3
Photograph No1: HMS Serapis at anchor. Caption: ‘Commissioned at Portsmouth July 22nd 1875 by Capt. The Honble H C Glyn CB To convey HRH The Prince of Wales and Suite to India Sailed Sept 26th 1875 Returned May 11th 1876 Paid off May 24th. [HMS Serapis was built by the Thames Shipbuilding Company, Blackwall and launched 2 September 1866. She was sold for breaking up 23 November 1894. The Hon Henry Carr Glynn was promoted Lieutenant 1852, Commander 1855, Captain 1861, Rear Admiral 1877 and Vice Admiral 1882. He died in 1884.]

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Photograph No 2: HRH Prince of Wales.
Photograph No 3: The Prince of Wales, entourage and dead tiger. Caption- ‘The first tiger at Jeypoor killed by the Prince February 6th 1876.
Photograph No 4: Suite of the Prince of Wales in India. Caption –‘A photograph taken at Government House, Parell, Bombay. Standing-Major B Williams, Capt. A Fitzgeorgie, Cdr F Durrant, Lord Aylesford, Mr F Knollys, General Probyn, Lord A Paget, Dr J Fayrer, Canon Duckworth, Mr W H Russell, Mr A Grey, Major Bradford, Col.A Ellis, Mr S Hall, Capt. Honble H C Glynn. Sitting on chairs: Lord Suffield, The Duke of Sutherland, HRH Prince of Wales, Sir Bartle Frere, General S Brown. Sitting on floor: Major Sartorius, Lord Carrington, Lord C Beresford, Major Henderson.

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Photograph No 5: Group Photograph. Caption ‘Group taken the last time HRH was on board May 23 1876. Standing: 1) Mr Taylor, Boatswain. 2) Mr Pennicott, Carpenter. 3) Mr Larg, Engineer. 4) Staff Comdr Goldsmith. 5) Captain Lambert, RMA (Royal Marine Artillery), 6) Mr Kelly, Engineer, 7) Mr Donaldson AP (Assistant Paymaster), 8) Mr Oliver CIM, 9) Mr Rock, Engineer, 10) Mr Rudd, Engineer, 13) Gen.Sir D Probyn VC, 11) Lieut..Lowry, 12) Mr Brevver,Engineer, 14) Lieut. Burrows, RMLI (Royal Marine Light Infantry), 15) Surgeon Algeo, 16) Rear Adm. Sir L M McClintock, 17) Chaplain Revd. C Yorke, 18) Mr Dinwoodie, Engineer.
Capt Honble H C Glyn, HRH The Prince of Wales, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Capt.Bedford, Surgeon Watson, Adm. Honble. Sir H Keppel, Capt. Tryon.
Sub Lt Honble. Spring-Rice, Comdr. Lord C Beresford, Lieut. Gregson, Lieut.Hammet, Lieut. Prickett, Surgeon Woods, Lieut. Smith-Dorrien, Navigating Lieut.Moullon, Comdr Hulton, Col. Snow RMLI.

Page 6
Photograph No 6: Group Photograph. Caption: ‘Group of Officers taken before leaving England September 1875. Captn. The Honble. H C Glyn CB, Comr. F G D Bedford, Lieuts. E Hutton, J Hammet, H Gregson, J Prickett, H Smith-Dorrien, Staff Comr. W Goldsmith, Lieut. RMA W Lambert, Lieut. RMLI A Burrows, Paymaster T Bradbridge, Chaplain Rev.C York MA, Sub-Lieuts Prince Louis of Battenberg, Honble. P Hely-Hutchinson, R Lowry, Navigating Sub-Lt J Moulton, Surgeons H Woods, W Algeo, Assistant Paymasters H Dalgleish, R Donaldson’. [on board HMS Serapis].

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Title: Portsmouth
Photograph No 7: HMS Serapis at jetty Portsmouth May 11th 1876. A small marquee on the quay with troops, sailors and reception committee assembling for disembarkation of royal party. A first rate can be seen moored in the harbour.

Photograph No. 8: HMS Serapis at jetty Portsmouth May 11th 1876. [Similar to above photograph with the addition of royal party in marquee? and horses and carriage presumably to take the Prince to Landport Railway Station as reported in press cutting on page 59 of album] Caption-‘Portsmouth The Landing May 11th 1876.’

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Photograph No 9: Bow view of HMS Serapis. Caption-‘HMS Serapis An Indian troopship, altered completely in her interior fittings for the Cruize. Built of Iron. 6211 tons displacement. 3945 I.H.P.
Length extreme 380 feet. Breadth extreme 49’ 11/2”. Painted white outside with a broad rounded gilt moulding edged with blue. Boats white with blue gunwhales and gilt riband. 13 in. No.viz Royal Barge Galley and Steam Barge. 3 cutters, 1 Life cutter, 2 Galleys, Dinghy, 2 Troop boats and a steam pinnace. The photographs of Bow and Stern were taken when in dock at Portsmouth.

Photograph 10: Stern view of HMS Serapis. Text: ‘May 8th Farewell dinner to HRH and Suite by the Officers. Strong head wind. May 9th. Very strong head wind. May 10th Ditto. Off Ushant at 2pm. May 11th Sighted Portland at 6 45am. Off the Needles Light at 10 15. Stopped off Yarmouth to communicate with Enchantress (paddle despatch vessel launched 1862). Princess of Wales and family came on board. Duke of Edinburgh came on board at Spithead from Sultan (battleship launched 1870). Great reception at Dockyard. May 15th to 20th Ship open to visitors 60,920 came. May 24th Paid off’.

Page 9
Title: Lisbon

Photograph 11: The entrance to the Church of St Jeronymo.

Photograph 12: The Cloisters.

Text: ‘ LISBON April 28th Crossed the Bar at 2 30pm picked up moorings off Black Horse Square. Channel Squadron here: Minotaur (iron screw ship launched 1863), Black Prince (armoured frigate launched 1861), Resistance (armoured frigate launched 1861), Triumph (iron armoured ship launched 1870), Monarch (iron screw ship launched 1868). May 1st HRH arrived from Madrid. May 2nd State Concert at the Opera House. May 3rd State Ball at Palace. May 5th King and HRH dined on board Minotaur. May 6th Stae Banquet. Races. May 7th HRH embarked. King, Queen and a large party lunched on board. Slipped at 6pm. Passed down between the ships –pretty sight, Raleigh [iron screw frigate launched 1873] and Osborne [paddle yacht launched 1870]. Former in turning fouled a Portuguese Corvette with the King onboard; carried away her bowsprit.’

Page 10
Title: The passage out.

Text: ‘The passage out Sept.27th weighed from Plymouth Sound at 11 15am for Malta. Sept. 28th made good 130 miles. Sept. 29th made good 141. Sept.30th made good 207 miles. Oct.1st made good 230 miles. Oct.2nd made good 238 miles. Oct.3rd made good 219 miles passed Gibraltar 4.0am. Oct.4th made good 230 miles. Oct 5th made good 242 miles. Oct.6th made good 236 miles, Oct.7th made good 203 miles. Oct 7th made fast to No 9 buoy Grand Harbour at 2 40pm. An unpleasant and unsatisfactory passage. At first, strong head winds and dirty weather. Boilers priming very badly; unable to go fast’.
Watercolour No 13: Depicts lateen rigged vessel in foreground and sailing ship in the distance. Also fortress situated on cape: Caption: ‘Oct 2nd passed Cape Vincent 7 20am’.

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Title: Gibraltar

Photograph 14: [O’Hara’s Tower is at the highest point of the rock –named after General Charles O’Hara, governor from 1795-1802. Windmill Hill was sergeants’ mess when area was known as Lathbury Barracks] Caption: ‘View of O’Hara’s Tower from Windmill Hill. The Governor’s Cottage is just underneath the Stables show (sic) in the view’.

Photograph 15: Gibraltar. Caption: ‘The Mount, the Residence of the Senior Naval Officer’. [The Mount built 1797 was the official residence of the senior naval officer in Gibraltar].

Text: ‘Left Malta 8am on 11th. Off Europa Point at 7am. On the 15th secured by 8 30. Fine passage. HRH landed at the Old Mole at noon. April 17th HRH laid foundation stone of a heavy battery. Landed 50 bluejackets as Guard of Honour. April 20th HRH left for Cadiz in the Osborne at 7am. Took in 300 tons of coal. 25th Mail steamer carried away Raleigh’s bowsprit –Osborne returned. 27th Sailed at 6am.

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Title: Malta

Photograph 16: The Somerset Dock at Malta. The 427 feet long Somerset Dock was opened as Dock 3 at French Creek in 1871. Caption: ‘Malta Arrived 2 40pm Oct.7th Sailed 6pm Oct 13th. Osborne arrived Oct 8th.. Coaled: took in 888 tons in 9 hours. Found the Dockyard authorities very anxious to do all they could for us. Immediate steps were taken to try and stop the priming; the ship was painted throughout and, though the weather was not very favourable, much improved’.

Photograph 17: Fort St Angelo and entrance to Dockyard Office. Fort Angelo is situated at the entrance to the Grand Harbour. During the siege of 1565 it was the headquarters of Grand Master La Valette. Under the British it became their naval headquarters and during WWII was HQ for naval ops in the Mediterranean. The photograph shows various vessels in the harbour including HMS Hibernia launched in1804 and base ship at Malta from 1855 to 1902.
Text: ‘On Oct 12th. We moved out to a buoy in Bighe Bay so that the boilers might be run up with clean water. Admiral Ingelfield came onboard next morning accompanied by Mr Beatson, Engineer of the Dockyard and went out in the ship. They had the satisfaction of finding their remedies completely successful, the ship steaming 12 and 12.5 comfortably; no signs of priming. The Admiral returned in Tug; Mr Beatson came on to Brindisi’.

Page 13
Title: Malta

Photograph 18: Caption: ‘The Landing at the New Steps, Grand Harbour April 6th 1876’. Crowds gathered for the arrival of the Prince of Wales.

Photograph 19: Caption: ‘St John’s Church’. [St John’s co-cathedral was completed in 1577 for the Knights of St John].

Page 14
Title: Brindisi [The Prince of Wales and his suite came aboard Serapis at Brindisi which was waiting to take him through Suez to Athens and onto India].

Photograph 20: Brindisi anchorage. Text: ‘Oct 14th. At 2 30pm anchored off Brindisi in the inner harbour moored with hawsers close abreast of the quay. In last 24 hours made good 292 miles strong breeze, sail helping her and ship steaming capitally. Found lying in the outer anchorage English ironclads Invincible (iron screw ship launched 1869) and Pallas (armoured corvette launched 1865).

Photograph 21: Unidentified building with baroque façade.

Photograph 22: Roman column, symbol of Brindisi used as a port reference for sailors.

Photograph 23: Brindisi -A view of the ruined church of San Giovanni al Sepolcro.

Photograph 24: Brindisi -Unidentified building.

Text: ‘October 16th At 10am HRH the Prince of Wales embarked in the pulling barge and came onboard. Hoisted standard. 11 15am Weighed and proceeded with Osborne in company. Head wind and chopping sea. Suite of HRH the Prince of Wales: Duke of Sutherland, Sir Bartle Frere, Lord Suffield, Lord Carrington, Lord Aylesford, Lord Paget, Lord C Beresford RN, General Probyn, Colonel A Ellis, Colonel A Williams, Canon Duckworth, Doctor Fayrer, Dr W Russell, F Knowles Esq, A Grey Esq, S Hall Esq, Major S Clarke.

Page 15
Title: Malta

Photograph 25: Grand Harbour, Malta with Devastation (distant), bow view of Raleigh, Harpy, Osborne and Hibernia behind buildings. Text: Left Alexandria at 5 30am on April 3rd. By noon on the 4th had made 330 miles. On the 5th made270 miles. October 6th sighted Malta at 7am. Secured to No 8 buoy at 10 130. HRH landed at noon. Illumination in evening. Ship docked on 7th, out again 8th. Regatta 9th.

Photograph 26: Photograph of Serapis dressed overall with other vessels in Grand Harbour. Caption: ‘Panoramic view of the Grand harbour. The Men of War shewing in rotation from the Entrance are the Devastation [turret ship launched 1871], Raleigh, Harpy [iron paddle gunboat launched in 1845], Osborne, Hibernia, Azov [schooner gunboat launched in 1855], Serapis, Hercules [iron battleship launched 1868], Pallas, Swiftsure [iron armoured ship launched 1870] and Invincible [iron screw ship launched 1869] ; also a Dutch Turret ship Prins Hendrik Der Nederlanden launched in 1866].

Photograph 27: In the foreground the Prins Hendrik Der Nederlanden, to the right HMS Invincible, to the left HMS Swiftsure. Text: ‘On the 6th we commenced coaling at 1 30pm finished 9pm took in 700 tons. 10th HRH gave a dinner. 52 sat down in saloon. Lit ship up; fired bouquet of 300 rockets. 11th Slipped at 8am. Ship steaming 11.5 very comfortably.

Page 16

Title: Athens

Watercolour 28: Greek man in traditional dress, the foustanella originally worn by Greek fighters of the 1821 revolution.

Photograph 29: King of Greece (George I who reigned 1863-1913)

Watercolour 30: Greek lady wearing traditional dress.

Watercolour 31: Caption, ‘Entrance of the Piraeus looking seaward from the Anchorage’. [The watercolour depicts various sailing vessels ].

Watercolour 32: Greek lady in traditional dress.

Photograph 33: Queen of Greece (Grand Duchess Olga of Russia (1851-1926) married George I in 1867.

Watercolour 34: Greek man wearing foustanella [Greek traditional dress].

Text: ‘To Athens. Oct.17th made 282 very fine passage. Oct 18th at 10am entered the Piraeus: carried away both cables, moored with the sheet anchors. His Majesty the King of Greece came aboard. HRH landed with him. Found here, HMS Hercules and Swiftsure, 3 Greek men of war, 1 Russian and Juaniata USN (Ossipee class screw sloop launched 1861, sold 1891).
Oct 19th hoisted out King of Greece’s boat, picking up anchors. Oct 20th. Their Majesties the King and Queen of Greece came on board with HRH, lunched, visited the Hercules, and on their return we went out; they dined on board and went back to their yacht which accompanied us; about 10pm; ships illuminated; fine night.

Page 17

Title Alexandria.

Photograph 35: View of Cleopatra’s Needle. [Constructed for Thotmess III in 1460 BC, the obelisk was presented to the British Government in 1820 as a memorial of Nelson and Abercromby’s victories over the French in Egypt. However it was not brought to England until 1877/8].

Photograph 36: View of Alexandria palace with lighthouse in the distance. [In the foreground are two small boats; in one are four Egyptian men –another is sitting on the shore].

Text: HRH embarked at 6 30pm Saturday April 1st. Monday April 2nd. Sailed for Malta accompanied by Raleigh, Invincible, Osborne and Research (ironclad screw sloop launched 1863); latter soon dropped out of sight.

Page 18

Photograph 37: Athens The Erectheum. [Greek temple on the north side of the Acropolis].

Photograph 38: Athens [General View showing the Acropolis and Temple of Theseus].

Page 19


Photograph 39: View of Pompey’s Pillar [in garden with natives, camels and donkey. The pillar was built in honour of the Emperor Diocletian and is situated south west of Alexandria].

Photograph 40: A date palm grove.

Text: Got into Alexandria harbour at 12 30pm March 28th. Found here Invincible, Research and Russian frigate Svetlana Captain HIH The Grand Duke Alexis. Russian officers dined with us on the 30th.

Page 20

Photograph 41: General view of the Acropolis.

Photograph 42: Bas- relief in the Parthenon.

Page 21

Photograph 43: Lieutenant H K Gregson [seated in uniform].

Photograph 44: Major E B Snow RMLI [seated in uniform].

Photograph 45: Revd. C E Yorke MA [seated].

Photograph 46: Lieutenant H T Smith-Dorrien [standing in uniform]

Photograph 47: Surgeon H C Woods MD [seated]

Page 22

Title: Port Said

Photograph 48: View of Place de Lesseps at Port Said.

Watercolour 49. Caption:’ Lighthouse and Entrance to the harbour with rowing boats and a small steam vessel with one funnel.

Photograph 50: Palais Du Vice Roi (Ismailia)

Photograph 51: Ferdinand de Lesseps. [1805-1894. Responsible for construction of the Suez Canal]

Photograph 52: Plan of Suez Canal.

Photograph 53: View of Ishmailia –canal.

Watercolour 54: Landing Place [Port Said. Pavilion festooned with flags including Turkish flags. People assembled on jetty. Small steamer in the foreground; a lateen rigged vessel also at the shore. Buildings in the background]

Photograph 55: Chalet du Vice Roi (lac Timsah).

Page 23

Photograph 56: A young middle eastern girl.
Photograph 57. A middle eastern tribesman.

Photograph 58: A middle eastern woman wearing a yashmak.

Photograph 59: A young African man wearing a turban.

Photograph 60: A middle eastern woman wearing a yashmak

Photograph 61: A young middle eastern man.

Ephemera No 4: Cutting (ILN?) captioned,’ Shahzadah Passes! Native bands at Poonah.

Page 24

Title: Port Said.

Photograph 62: View of Port Said showing HMS Serapis, paddle yacht Osborne and other vessels. [by Comianos & Sarolidis]

Photograph 63: Harbour, Port Said with breakwater in foreground and vessels in the distance. [by Comianos & Sarolidis]

Caption: ‘Oct 21st made 188. Oct 22nd made 275. Oct 23rd. at 9am secured ship to buoys off Port Said. Very fine passage. Viceroy’s sons came onboard 10 30 HRH and Suite embarked onboard Osborne and proceeded up the canal to Ismaila. Oct 23rd. Coaled. Got in 400 tons in 4 hours. 3 55pm Slipped and proceeded into the Canal. 6 30 Stopped to gare (sic) at Ras El Rach. Invincible and Pallas were at Port Said, also two of the Viceroy’s yachts, one accompanied the Osborne.

Page 25

Title: The Suez Canal.

Photograph 64: Various ships anchored at Port Said including HMS Serapis.[by Comianos & Sarolidis]

Photograph 65: Similar photograph showing more of the port and its buildings.[by Comianos & Sarolidis]

Captions: ‘HRH landed at noon and went to Cairo. We entered the Canal at 2 30pm and anchored on this side of the Bitter Lakes. March 26th. Got within 18 miles of Port Said. Arrived at Port Said March 27th. Got in 500 tons of Coal in 4 hours 20 minutes. Left for Alexandria at 4 30pm.

‘Very hard and hot steaming up the Red Sea. 60 hands from the deck in Stokehole in addition to the 30 extra stokers and 16 Arabs. Arrived at Suez at 9am March 25th. Found HMS Orontes (1862) with the new Governor General of India (Lord Lytton) on board.

Page 26

Title: The Suez Canal.

Photograph 66: HMS Serapis leaving Port Said.[by Comianos & Sarolidis]

Photograph 67: View of native craft moored in canal.[by Comianos & Sarolidis?]

Photograph 68: ‘El Kantara’.

Photograph 69: ‘ Navires en Gare’.

Photograph 70: ‘Suez’.

Caption: ‘Oct. 24th. At 6 40pm proceeded. 5 30pm anchored in the Bitter Lakes. Oct.25th at 6 0am weighed; cleared of Canal at 1 0pm and made fast to a buoy off Suez. Did not touch going through. Weather very favourable. Oct. 26th at 7 0pm HRH and Suite embarked. 8 35 Slipped.

Page 27

Photograph 71: Chief Inspector of Machinery John Oliver.

Photograph 72: Captain The Honble. H Carr Glyn CB.CSI ADC

Photograph 73: Fleet Surgeon Alexander Watson MD

Photograph 74: Commander Frederick G D Bedford

Photograph 75: ‘Album presented to the Prince of Wales by the Captain and Officers HMS Serapis.

Page 28

Title; Red Sea

Watercolour 76: ‘Jebel Ghabib 5740ft., [View of mountains with native craft in foreground].

Photograph 77: ‘Moses Well, near Suez’. [View of well, with two Arabs, camel and donkey in foreground].

Watercolour 78: ‘Perim Lighthouse; passed Oct.31st.

Captions: ‘Oct.27th made 168 miles. 28th made 278 miles. 29th made 267 miles. 30th made 250 miles. 31st made 212 miles. 4 0pm Osborne went aboard to Aden. Wind Oct 27th N.Wly 1. 28th Calm. 29th SSE 1 to 2. 30th S.Ely 3.4. 31st. SE 4.7 Steaming 10 against it.’
‘Thermometer Oct. 27th Max 84 Min 69. 28th Max 82 Min 70. 29th Max 83 Min 70. 30th Max 86 Min 75. Oct 31st Max 84 Min 80. These temperatures were taken in the Staff Surgeon’s cabin which being forward got a good draught in calms and head winds’.

Page 29

Title; Aden.

Photograph 79: ‘The landing place’. [View showing three barque rigged ships –P&O passenger liner on right and HMS Vulture (1869 gun vessel) on left. Reception personnel on shore –soldiers and various dignitaries].

Photograph 80: ‘View of Anchorage from the Barracks’.
Caption: ‘March 19th arrived at Aden at 8 30pm. Coaled and started again at 2am March 20th’.

Page 30
Title: Aden.

Watercolour 81: ‘The Residency’.

Watercolour 82: ‘Aden from the Anchorage’.

Caption: ‘Nov 1st at 6 45pm came to off Aden, found Osborne and Vulture [1869 gunvessel] here. 9 30am HRH and Suite landed. Coaled; got in 200 tons in 4 hours 5 0pm HRH embarked. 10 0 Weighed and proceeded for Bombay, Osborne in company. Temperature Max 84 Min 79. Wind NEly 2 to 3.

Page 31

Ephemera No 5: Newspaper cutting (ILN?) entitled ‘Calcutta –The Prince and the Begum of Bhopal’.

Photograph 83: ‘View in the Caves of Elephanta –visited March 3rd 1876’.
Caption: ‘HRH embarked at 11am on March 11th. March 13th 1876 sailed for England at 3 15pm, Raleigh and Osborne in company.

Page 32
Title: Bombay

Photograph 84: Bombay cathedral and old Garrison church built in 1720 with a modern chancel.

Watercolour 85: ‘View of distant ghauts at head of harbour. [Hindi from Sanskrit meaning pass through a river, also range of hills or flight of steps leading to bank of river].

Photograph 86: ‘Statue of the Queen presented by the Gaekwar of Baroda’. [The Gaekwar (Gujarati) was the Maratha dynasty that ruled the state of Baroda in western India from the mid 18thC until 1947.

Captions: November 2nd made 134’ Wind: East 3. Ther. Max 84 Min 76. November 3rd made 260. Wind: NE1. Ther; Max 84 Min 76. HRH inspected the Small-arm men. November 5th made 280 Wind: E by N1. Ther: Max 80 Min 76. November 6th made 264 Wind: NE3. Ther. Max:80 Min 76.
Osborne went ahead at noon.
November 7th made 255. Wind: NE2 Ther. Max 81 Min 76.

HRH inspected Ship and Ships Company. November 8th at 9 15am stopped and secured to a Buoy off the Dockyard. Lying here HMS Undaunted [1861 wood screw frigate], Narcissus (1859 wood screw frigate), Doris (1857 wood screw frigate), Immortalite (wood screw frigate 1859), Raleigh [1873 iron screw frigate], Topaze [1858 wood screw frigate], Newcastle [1860 wood screw frigate], Briton [1869 wood screw corvette], Euphrates [1866 iron screw troopship], Daphne [166 wood screw sloop], Philomel [1867 wood screw gunvessel], Nimble [1860 wood screw gunvessel].

1875 November 8th at 3 0pm The Viceroy came aboard. At 4 0pm HRH The Prince of Wales landed in India. The landing took part at the Dockyard where one of the building ships was decorated and fitted as a reception room. An address was presented; then a procession to Parell, the Government House-Immense crowd and great enthusiasm.’

Page 33

Ephemera No 6: Newspaper cutting [?ILN] entitled ‘The Mancheel, Goa’. [Depicts two British officers being conveyed in a chair by natives].

Photograph 87: ‘View in Caves of Elephanta –visited March 3rd 1876’.

Caption: ‘Left the Hooghley on February 12th 1876 for Bombay where HRH was to embark for England. Pleasant passage. Off Galle on February 16th at 7 30pm. On the morning of 18th exchanged numbers with Narcissus, Topaze, Immortalite and Newcastle bound to China. Arrived at Bombay February 20th 1876’.

Page 34
Title: Bombay

Photograph 88: ‘University Hall’.

Watercolour 89: ‘Colaba Memorial Church’.

Photograph 90: ‘The Town Hall and part of Elphinstone circle. Originally Bombay Green it is now a series of fine blocks of buildings surrounding a garden’.

Captions: ‘November 9th Birthday of HRH 4 0pm HRH embarked, visited HMS Undaunted and Narcissus then came aboard and cut his birthday cake. All officers of Serapis and Osborne present.
November 10th Coaled. November 11th Landed 165 men to dine. November 12th HRH visited Elephanta. Fleet illuminated on his return – very fine effect. J Parker, Boy died from fever. November 17th 6 30pm HRH and Suite embarked. November 18th HRH and Suite landed. Painting and putting Ships to rights generally. November 22nd Detached Squadron except Raleigh, sailed. Very hot indeed during our stay average Max 85 Min 77. Generally calm; occasionally light airs from NE. November 24th 9 0am HRH embarked. November 25th 5 0pm Slipped and proceeded Osborne and Raleigh in company’.

Page 35

Ephemera 7: Newspaper cutting [?ILN) entitled ‘ Ceylon-The Veddahs laugh’. [members of the earliest people of Ceylon now Sri Lanka].

Photograph 91: ‘At Colombo Ceylon. Waiting for the arrival of HRH to lay the foundation stone of the New Breakwater. The Bluejacket Guard of Honour from HMS Serapis and the Marine Band.

Page 36
Title: Colombo

Photograph 92: ‘Landing Place’.

Photograph 93: ‘Railway Station’.

Caption:’ November 26th made 182’. At 7 0pm anchored in Aguada Roads off Goa. November 27th HRH visited Goa and went ?seining in the evening. Portuguese Viceroy visited Ship. November 28th 5 30am weighed. November 29th at 10 0am came to off Beypore. HRH went up river. 7 0pm Weighed. November 30th made 153’. December 1st at 11 45am anchored off Colombo. Found the Reserve Squadron and Undaunted here. At 4 0pm HRH landed to receive addresses and returned. December 2nd at 10 30am HRH and Suite landed’.

Page 37:

Photograph 94: ‘On the railway between Colombo and Kandy’.

Page 38:
Title: Colombo and Trincomalee.

Photograph 95: ‘In the grounds, Government House, Colombo’.

Photograph 96: ‘Adam’s Peak’.

Captions: ‘December 3rd coaling, got in 126 tons. December 4th coaling 104 tons, heavy swell. Landed 70 men and the Band to attend a Public Dinner. December 6th Athletic sports for men. December 8th Landed at 3 30pm with 80 Bluejackets. Officers: Lt.Hamnet, Sub Lt Spring-Rice, & Prince Louis of Battenberg by order of HRH to act as a Guard of Honour to HRH on the occasion of his laying the foundation stone of the New Breakwater. 10 0pm HRH and Suite embark.
December 9th at 4 0pm Weighed at 5 30pm anchored off Tuticorin, nasty swell on. December 10th HRH and Suite landed. December 10th at 11 30am. Weighed and proceeded for Trincomalee. December 13th at 10 15am anchored in Trincomalee Harbour. Coaled; received 180 tons in 5 hours. HMS Narcissus and Immortalite arrived. 5 30pm weighed. December 15th at 6 45pm anchored in Madras Roads. Raleigh here.

Page 39
Title: Ceylon

Photograph 97: ‘A Buddhist Temple at Kandy’.

Photograph 98: ‘Standing to be photographed’ [An elephant with native].

Page 40
Title: Madras

Photograph 99: ‘The Beach’.

Watercolour 100: ‘Panorama from the ship’. [View of Madras with government buildings. Flags flying].

Photograph 101: ‘The iron pier’.[Indians and boats in foreground].

Captions: ‘December 15th at 6 45am anchored off Madras. Found Raleigh here. HRH laid the Foundation Stone of the Breakwaters which are to form a large harbour. December 17th There was a grand illumination onshore; surf lighted up. The ships also lighted up. We were able during our stay to land at the Pier in the ships boats fairly comfortably. December 18th HRH and Suite embarked. 5 30pm weighed. Osborne and Raleigh in company. December 19th made 160’. December 20th made 213’. December 21st made 229’. Ship very light and all out of trim. Wind very light from NE. December 21st 3 20pm Pilot came on board. Raleigh parted company. 5 30pm anchored. December 22nd 6 0am weighed . 11 0am anchored. 3 0pm weighed . 5 30pm anchored’.

Page 41

Photograph 102: ‘The Maharaja of Pattiala’. [important Sikh state in the Punjab. HH Maharaja Mahendra Singh was born in 1852 and ruled from 1862-1876].

Photograph 103: ‘The Gaekwar of Baroda’.[Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwas III of Baroda was born in 1863 and 12 years old when he met the Prince of Wales. He ruled from 1874-1939 and was head of one of the most powerful Maratha families in India]

Photograph 104: ‘The Maharaja of Pattiala’.

Ephemera 8: Manuscript letter : ‘Baroda 22nd November 1875 My dear Sirs, When HH the Maharaja invited the Admiral’s ship “Undaunted” at Bombay His Highness promised to send his photo to the Admiral (Mr Macdonald). HH made a similar promise to the Chief Officer who received HH on the “Serapis”. In fulfilment of these engagements, I have the pleasure to enclose two photos of HH which have kindly have conveyed their destinations with HH’s compliments. If you instruct them to ?? of His Royal Highness’ staff the photos will reach the ‘Undaunted’ and the ‘Serapis’ without fail. Yours very sincerely J Macdonald. PS ??Esquire’.

Page 42
Title: Calcutta

Photograph 105: Serapis ‘December 23rd at 1 30pm secured ship off Prinseps Ghaut. 2 40 Viceroy came on board 3 0d’ left 4 20 HRH landed.

Photograph 106: View of Calcutta showing the Law Courts, Town Hall, Government House and Post Office.

Page 43:

Watercolour 107: ‘View from the Chalet. Matharan. A Hill Station about 40 miles from Bombay’.

Ephemera 9: Newspaper cutting (?ILN) ‘Jacko versus Jack’. [sailor with leopard
or cheetah. The Prince of Wales returned from India with a menagerie of 80 animals. Prince Louis of Battenberg sketched many of the animals for the ILN].

Watercolour 108: ‘Louisa Point from the Bund. Matheran’.

Page 44
Title: Calcutta

Photograph 109: ‘A Native Village’.

Photograph 110: ‘A Mosque and Tank’.

Watercolour 111: ‘Calcutta dinghe’.

Photograph 112: ‘Native Boats’.
Caption: ‘December 24th. Shifted to a berth abreast the Eden Gardens. City illuminated. December 25th HRH and Suite came onboard, visited the men in their messes and lunched with the Officers. December 27th Ships Corporal Hill died very suddenly from Cholera. December 28th Had 3400 visitors on board in 4 hours. December 30th HRH gave a lunch on board to the Viceroy’.

Page 45

Photograph 113: Staff Commr. W B Goldsmith

Photograph 114: Lieutenant J L Hammet

Photograph 115: Lieutenant A St L Burrowes RMLI

Photograph 116: Captain W Lambert RMA

Page 46
Title: Calcutta

Photograph 117: ‘The Bluejacket Guard of Honour. Landed by command of HRH at Colombo December 8th 1875; and at the Grand Chapter of the Star if India held at Calcutta , January 1st 1876 and at Gibraltar April 17th 1876’.

Photograph 118: ‘The Marine Guard of Honour’.

Page 47

Photograph 119: Lieutenant R S Lowry

Photograph 120: Sub Lieutenant Honble. P Hely-Hutchinson [civilian dress].

Photograph 121: Sub Lieutenant HRH Prince Louis of Battenberg [undress uniform –he travelled as an aide de camp to the Prince of Wales. Louis (1854-1821) later became Admiral of the Fleet Louis Mountbatten and 1st Marquess of Milford Haven].

Page 48:
Title: Calcutta

Photograph 122: ‘View in the Eden Gardens, the Law Courts in the distance’.

Watercolour 123: ‘Police boat in attendance on the Ship; there were two –one forward and another aft, and no native boats were allowed to pass or make fast between them’.

Photograph 124: ‘The Post Office in Dalhousie Square built 1868, from the designs of Mr Granville Architect to Government.’

Caption: ‘January 1st 1876 HRH held a Grand Chapter of the Star of India on the Maidan, landed 100 blue jackets, and Osborne provided 20 to form a Guard of Honour on the occasion. Marines lined one side of the Embankment. Illuminated Ship in the evening. January 3rd HRH left Calcutta. December 6th, 7th 8th and 9th Coaling: took in 700 tons after many vexatious delays; first want of men and then of coal. January 27th Corporal Ledsham RM fell overboard in the middle and did not come up again. January 31st recovered the body. February 3rd A shooting party from the ship returning in a Dockyard Steam Launch were run into by a steamer, and Captain Butler Deputy Harbour Master who was in charge of the boat was drowned’.

Page 49

Ephemera 10: Cutting [?ILN] ‘Ceylon –Dead Elephant’.

Ephemera 11: Invitation. ‘The Council of the Royal Albert Hall request the honour of Captain Bedford’s presence at a Grand Concert and reception of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales in honour of his return to England, at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday Evening the 17th May 1876 at ½ past 8 o’Clock. Uniform or Levee Dress. This Card is personal and must be presented.’

Ephemera 12: Cutting [ILN] ‘The Pleasures of the Chase in the Nepaul Terai –The Prince on a Pad Elephant’.[The Terai is the low lying plain of Nepal that adjoins India and is now in the 21stC home to endangered wild life].

Page 50
Title: Calcutta

Photograph 125: Stern view of Serapis with members of crew on shore.

Photograph 126: ‘ The Serapis Minstrels: Lieutenant Smith Dorian Manager: the Stage with Drop Scene at the back’

Caption: ‘February 8th Athletic Sports at the Cricket Ground for our men and the Osborne’s Prizes given by the Cricket Club. February 9th Unmoored and went down the River as far as Budj-Budj.’

Page 51

Ephemera 13: Invitation. ‘To have the honour of meeting His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales The Committee of Management request the honour of The Officers HMS Serapis’s Company to a Fete at the Belgatchia Villa on Tuesday, the 28th day of December 1875 at 9pm. The favour of an answer is requested, addressed to the Secretaries to the Prince of Wales’Entertainment Committee, 18, British Indian Street’.

Ephemera 14: Admission card ‘Admit Captain Bedford RN to Reserved Seats of the Chapter of the Most Exalted Order of the Star of India to be held in the Encampment on the Maidan on Saturday, January 1st 1876. Seats to be taken not later than 8 30 am.

Ephemera 15: Invitation. ‘To have the Honour of Meeting His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales The Aide de Camp in waiting is commanded by His Excellency the Viceroy to invite Commander Bedford to Dinner on Wednesday the 29th of December 1875 at 8 15 o’clock. Government House Calcutta’.

Page 52
Title: Calcutta

Photograph 127: ‘Riverside –Barrackpore, a military station and favourite resort about 15 miles above Calcutta’.
Photograph 128: ‘The Cathedral’.

Photograph 129: .’Banian Tree in Barrackpore Park’.

Captions: ‘Februaryn10th Steamed down to Diamond Harbour and anchored: passed over the James and Mary shoal at the top of High water 27ft. the least water. February 11th Osborne arrived and Captain rejoined.’ February 12th Weighed at 9 15am –last of ebb, met the flood at Kulpee went easy until there was water enough through the Bellary Channel, then on fast, being close to the Pilot’s Light Vessel at 5 15pm when we discharged the Pilot and went on for Bombay’.

Page 53

Watercolour 130: ‘At the Bund. Matheran. A hill station about 40 miles from Bombay’.

Photograph 131: ‘The Warrant Officers –standing left: Mr Pennicott, Carpenter, Mr Taylor, Boatswain, Mr Haswell, Gunner. Sitting: Mr Nichols, Boatswain, Mr Hele, Boatswain’.

Watercolour 132: ‘From Landscape Point Matheran’.

Page 54

Photograph 133: ‘The Petty Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers grouped about Peel’s monument [Captain Sir William Peel VC KCB 1824-1858] in the Public Gardens, Calcutta’.

Photograph 134: ‘The Ship’s Company’.[showing ratings and petty officers in summer rig] [HMS Serapis].

Page 155

Photograph 135: ‘The Royal Saloon (looking forward). [HMS Serapis].

Page 156

Photograph 136: ‘The Upper deck looking forward’.[ratings in summer rig and one officer].

Photograph 137: ‘The Poop looking aft’. [four ratings in summer rig and one officer].

Page 57

Ephemera 16: Handwritten note: ‘HMS Serapis The Equerry in Waiting is desired by HRH The Prince of Wales to invite Captain Bedford to dinner on Thursday 9th December at half past seven o’clock’.

Ephemera 17: Invitation -inviting Captain Bedford to dine with the Grand Duke Alexis of Russia on board the frigate Svetlana 2 April 1876’.

Ephemera 18: Invitation –from the Governor (Colombo) inviting Captain Bedford to dinner to meet the Prince of Wales [n.d.].

Ephemera 19: invitation and letter addressed to Captain Bedford dated 1876[in Spanish].
Ephemera 20: Menu for dinner held on board the Svetlana 2 April 1876.

Page 58:

Ephemera 21: Newspaper cutting with caption ‘Pioneer Feb.26th 1876’. [report of entertainment given on board HMS Serapis –a minstrel show].

Ephemera 22: Report of ‘Athletic Sports’ on board HMS Serapis and Osborne – including three legged race and Palki race –‘great fun and many tumbles’.

Ephemera 23: Newspaper cutting (n.d.) reporting paying off of HMS Serapis . Mr Pennicott, the ship’s carpenter received gifts from Prince of Wales, Captain Bedford and officers.

Ephemera 24: newspaper cutting (n.d.) reporting the funeral of Captain Butler at the Circle Road Cemetery, Calcutta. Officers of Serapis including Captain Bythesea attended.

Ephemera 25: newspaper cutting Manchester Guardian (n.d) entitled ‘ The Prince of Wales Visit to India’.

Ephemera 26: newspaper cutting The Globe (n.d.) entitled ‘The Prince of Wales Visit to India’.

Ephemera 27: newspaper cutting (n.d.) entitled ‘The Visit of the Prince of Wales to India’. Contains a description of the interior of the Serapis as fitted out for the Prince.

Page 59

Ephemera 28: newspaper cutting (n.d.) entitled ‘The Prince of Wales Visit to India’.

Ephemera 29: newspaper cutting (n.d.) entitled ‘The Prince of Wales Visit to India’ .Includes names of officers and newspaper correspondents chosen to accompany the Prince.

Ephemera 30: magazine cutting ‘Naval Occurences’(n.d)-account of the Prince’s farewell luncheon on board HMS Serapis.

Ephemera 31: newspaper cutting (n.d.) entitled’ Chief Intelligence of the Week’ report of the departure of Prince of Wales for India.

Ephemera 32: newspaper cutting (n.d.) entitled ‘The Journey of the Prince of Wales’, ‘Departure of Brindisi’, ‘The Prince at Athens’.

Ephemera 33: illustration [?ILN n.d.] entitled-‘Home again-A levee of Pets’. [Sailor showing some of the animals brought back from India to ?the Princess of Wales and children –animals illustrated are –bear, monkey, dog, deer, ostriches and baby cheetah?.

Ephemera 34: newspaper cutting (n.d.) entitled ‘The Prince of Wales at Portsmouth’.

Ephemera 35: newspaper cutting (n.d.) entitled ‘Visit of the Prince of Wales to Portsmouth’.

Page 60

Ephemera 36: Poem printed on silk and edged with blue ribbon. Poem entitled ‘HMS Serapis Our Indian Cruise by G Spry’.

Page 61

Ephemera 37: ‘A list of Animals, Birds etc which were on board during the passage home belonging to the Prince of Wales’. [once in England the animals were dispatched to London Zoo].

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