A small earthenware jug, decorated with lustre and a transfer print to the right of the handle, showing a sailor departing from his wife and children. It is inscribed: 'THE SAILORS, FAREWELL,/Sweet! Oh: Sweet is that Sensation,/Where two hearts in union meet,/But the Pain of Separation,/Mingles bitter with the Sweet.' On the other side, within a floral garland with a cutter above is the verse: 'The Sailor tost on stormy seas/Though far his bark may roam,/Still hears a voice in every breeze/That wakens thoughts of home,/He thinks upon his distant friends,/His wife, his humble cot,/And from his inmost heart ascends/The prayer forget me not'.

Object Details

ID: AAA5177
Collection: Decorative art
Type: Jug
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Unknown
Date made: 1810
People: Fawssett, A. C.
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Fawssett Collection
Measurements: Overall: 122 x 175 x 120 mm

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