Photograph album relating to the Royal Navy career of Captain Andrew Johnstone, D.S.O, RN

Contents: This album contains photographs relating to Captain Johnstone’s childhood and service in HMS Britannia as a cadet. He was born in Shropshire 25 February 1885 and entered the Royal Navy 15 January 1900. There are many topographical, family and school photographs as well as photographs of HMS Britannia, HMS Racer (1884) and HMS Diadem (1896). See Album 1021 for an outline of Captain Johnstone’s naval career.

Page 1
Photograph 1: View of Leamington parish church from the Jephson Gardens, no date.

Page 2
Photographs 2 & 3: Two views of the interior of Hawarden church, no date.

Page 3
Photograph 4: View of Warwick Castle, no date.
Photograph 5: View of the New Town Hall, Leamington, no date.

Page 4
Photographs 6 & 7: Two views of Hawarden Castle, no date.

Page 5
Photographs 7 & 8: Two views of Leamington College and the entrance to Jephson Gardens, no date.

Page 6
Photographs 9 & 10: Girls performing a maypole dance at League of Pity bazaar, Shrewsbury, July 1898.
Photograph 11: Quai Voltaire, Bruges, no date.
Photograph 12: Unidentified castle, no date.

Page 7
Photograph 13: View of Leamington Adelaide Bridge, no date.

Pages 8 -9
Photographs 14 – 21: Eight views of Bruges, 1898.

Page 10
Photograph 22: Group photograph of the Agra Reserve Police, 1893. Only one is identified – L B Good.

Page 11
Photograph 23: View of River Teith, no date.
Photograph 24: Group of small boys identified as “The Limes Cricket Eleven”, no date.

Page 12
Photograph 25: Army officer identified as ‘Dick Johnstone’, no date.
Photograph 26: View of the Red Lion, Stubbington, no date.
Photograph 27: Young boy identified as ‘Faviell’, no date.

Page 13
Photograph 28: The New Building, Stubbington, no date,
Photograph 29: Fishing boat off the Isle of Wight, no date.
Photograph 30: Unidentified building, no date.

Page 14
Photograph 31: Stubbington School, no date.
Photograph 32: Young man identified as ‘A A Gayne, no date.

Page 15
Photograph 33: Group of small boys at The Limes School, 1896. Most identified including Johnstone.

Page 16
Photograph 34: A group of cadets in the Tug of War team, HMS Britannia (1860), 1900. Johnstone has identified most of them.

Page 17
Photograph 35: A group of cadets posing for the camera with a collection of silver cups (prizes), HMS Britannia, 1900. Most have been identified by Johnstone.

Page 18
Photograph 36: School group, The Limes, 1899.
Photograph 37: Stubbington school, 1899.
Photograph 38: A young cricketer identified as ‘Gadsby’, no date.

Page 19
Photograph 39: Unidentified building overlooking a river, no date.

Page 20
Photographs 40 & 41: Two views of Aberdovey, 1900.

Page 21
Photograph 42: HMS Racer (1884), 1900.

Page 22
Photograph 43: HMS Britannia (1860) dressed overall for the Queen’s birthday, 1900.

Page 23
Photograph 44: The chapel, HMS Britannia (1860), 1900.

Page 24
Photograph 45: Aerial view of HMS Britannia (1860) and Hindostan (1841) at Dartmouth, 1900.

Page 25
Photograph 46: Geldston Lodge, Beccles, no date.
Photograph 47: A woman identified as Ethel Stevenson in her garden, 1900.

Page 26
Photograph 48: Cricket field, Mill Mead, 1900.
Photograph 49: A woman posing for the camera, 1900.

Page 27
Photograph 50: School photograph – a group of small boys and their teachers, Mill Mead, 1900.
Photograph 51: Moreton Rectory – interior view, 1900.

Page 28
Photograph 52: Warwick castle, no date.

Page 29
Photograph 53: A group of predominantly young women and girls at a League of Pity bazaar, 1900.
Photograph 54: A unidentified family group, no date.

Page 30
Photograph 55: View of a horse and roller, no date.

Page 31
Photograph 56: League of Pity bazaar, 1900.
Photograph 57: Young men in blazers and boaters, no date.

Page 32
Photograph 58: HMS Diadem (1896), no date.

Page 33
Photograph 59: Cadets, HMS Britannia (1860), 4th term, March 1901.

Page 34
Photograph 60: View of flooding of Frankwell, Shrewsbury, ca.1890.

Page 35
Photograph 61: Group of cadets, ca.1900. Most have been identified by Johnstone.

Page 36
Photograph 62: A line of men covered in blankets lying in a field with sailors looking on, ca.1900.

Page 37
Photograph 63: Church at Moreton, no date.
Photograph 64: The School House, Dover College, no date.

Page 38
Photographs 65 & 66: Two views of HMS Diadem (1896), no date.

Loose photograph 67: Major Christie, no date.
Loose ephemera:
Ephemera 1 & 2: Two colour postcards of Plympton.
Ephemera 3: A Christmas card with a colour reproduction of HMS Bedford.
Ephemera 4: A newspaper cutting re proclamation, Shrewsbury, 1901.

Object Details

ID: ALB1017
Type: Photograph album
Display location: Not on display
Date made: 1900-1901; 1900-1927
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: Overall: 292 mm x 241 mm

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