Stellarum fixarum hemisphaerium australe: The southern hemisphere projected on the plane of the aequator in which all the stars in the Britannick Catalogue and those observ'd by Dr Edm Halley at the Is of St Helena are carefully layd down for the year 1690 by Joseph Harris

Celestial Planisphere. This intricate chart shows the southern celestial hemisphere as known in 1690. Its pair, G200:2/6, shows the northern celestial hemisphere. They were produced in 1690 by mathematician Joseph Harris and publisher John Senex. Both include careful description of the construction of the charts and a series of examples and problems for how to use them. The chart of the southern sky includes observations made by Edmond Halley from the island of St Helena in 1676-8 and published in 1686. His work was part of an ongoing project to map the stars accurately that had also led to the founding of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich in 1675.

Engraved and Sold by I Senex at the Globe over against St Dunstans Church in Fleet Street

Object Details

ID: G200:3/3
Collection: Charts and maps
Type: Map
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Senex, John; Harris, Joseph
Places: Southern Hemisphere; Extraterrestrial Places
Date made: 1690
Exhibition: Unseen: The Lives of Looking by Dryden Goodwin
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: Overall sheet dimensions: 66 cm x 68.8 cm

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