Unidentified naval lieutenant sitting on a rock

An unwaxed calotype negative taken by Dr. William Domville. The negative shows an unidentified naval lieutenant sitting on a large flat rock within a larger rock-strewn landscape. The officer has his legs crossed at the ankles and his hands crossed in front of him resting on his left thigh. His head is turned to the left (if printed as a positive). In the background are high cliffs with evidence of snow filling the gullies and depressions.

This has been tentatively identified as the French naval lieutenant Enseigne-de-vaisseau Emile de Bray by Lieutenant Ernest Coleman in 1995, but there is no evidence that this is him. The non-regulation cap could have been worn by any of the lieutenants.

The officers visited a number of settlements on the west coast of Greenland and engaged in surveying, exploring and socialising.

[This negative has had a digital positive created with the Repro ID F6906-002]

Object Details

Collection: Historic Photographs
Type: Calotype negative
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Domville, William T.
Date made: Circa June-July 1852
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: Overall: 196 mm x 236 mm

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