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HMS Polyphemus, September - December 1882

20 November 2019

HMS Thunder Child is one of the most famous fictitious warships in English literature.

Royal William Victualling Yard, Plymouth, from Mount Edgecombe with four figures in the foreground square

18 November 2019

Names like WH Fox Talbot, Calvert R. Jones and Nicolaas Henneman are not well known within a maritime photographic context.  These names are more familiar for their early pioneering photographic work using nature and architecture. 


14 November 2019
With a particularly busy year at Royal Museums Greenwich coming up in 2020, we wanted our second wedding showcase of the year to focus on what is usually the quieter wedding...

Nuisance helping himself to a full bench on the train

4 November 2019

The Caird Library’s archive collection contains numerous captivating stories of naval service from letters written by famous Admirals to journals kept by ordinary seamen. One of the more unusual instances of this is “Just Nuisance”: Life story of an able seaman who leads a dog’s life written by Leslie M. Steyn (RMG ID: LIS/15/4). 

Boat badge and crest of HMS Delhi

1 November 2019

World War I might have ended for some in 1919, but for others fighting continued, whether they liked it or not. 

Night sky highlights - November 2019

30 October 2019
Discover what to see in the night sky during November 2019, including the transit of Mercury. By Patricia Skelton, Astronomy Education Officer (Details given are for London...

Hirespace award.jpg

29 October 2019

Rear Admiral Sir George Cockburn, 1772-1853

22 October 2019

With Napoleon Bonaparte having surrendered to British forces following his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo it was decided to send him into exile once again, this time to the remote South Atlantic island of St Helena. Rear Admiral Sir George Cockburn was given the task of transporting the former Emperor to the island on board HMS Northumberland and the Caird Library and Archive holds an extract from his journal (RMG ID: COC/9) covering these events.


17 October 2019

Getting up ‘at the crack of dawn’ is not something enjoyed by many, but for some religions, dawn has a much larger significance. 

Cover of the personal journal written by Gilbert James Inglis

14 October 2019

October’s item of the month is a personal journal written by Gilbert James Inglis. He served as purser on board the convict ship Duchess of Northumberland and kept a diary on a voyage from London to Hobart, November 1852 to April 1853 (RMG ID: JOD/150)