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HMS Beagle off Fort Macquarie, Sydney Harbour.jpg

11 May 2020

11 May 2020 marks the 200th anniversary since the launch of HMS Beagle at Woolwich Dockyard, just down the river from Royal Museums Greenwich. 

BHC1635 - D-Day, D-Day landing craft going in to the beaches.jpg

8 May 2020

Merchant Seamen death records are key resources for anyone hoping to understand the history of the Merchant Navy during the Second World War.

The British Empire blog

28 April 2020

In this blog we uncover some of the stories which our archives can tell us of the dangers of working in the British Empire in the service of the East India Company.

Night sky highlights - May 2020

20 April 2020

Discover what to see in the sky during May 2020, including the Eta Aquarids meteor shower.

table globe x-ray.jpg

2 April 2020

Table globes are truly beautiful objects, with historic representations of the Earth and stars captured in intricate detail. But take a look beneath the surface and the marvels get more mysterious...

Night sky highlights - April 2020

31 March 2020

Discover what to see in the sky during April 2020, including the Lyrids meteor shower.

Desert Island (Flickr Creative Commons).jpg

25 March 2020

Think you're struggling with social distancing? At least you haven't started singing to goats... Curator Jeremy Michell uncovers the remarkable real-life story of island isolation which inspired Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe.

Paddling as hard as one can! Peter Halkett's The Boat Cloak 1848

6 March 2020

Library Assistant Shane McMurray reflects on his role and reveals what it’s like to work in the Caird Library.

Divers explore the wrecks of HMS Terror and Erebus (banner).jpg

21 February 2020

Archaeologists exploring the shipwrecks of HMS Erebus and Terror have recovered over 350 objects from the lost Franklin expedition. Senior Exhibitions Curator Dr Claire Warrior examines the vital new discoveries.

Night sky highlights - March 2020

17 February 2020

Discover what to see in the sky during March 2020, including the full moon supermoon.