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Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I.jpg

21 July 2020

How did Elizabeth I use gendered symbolism in the Armada Portrait? Dr Kit Heyam explores. 

De brandt van London, op den 12. 13. 14. 15 en 16 September Anno 1666 (PAD1407)

20 July 2020

The Great Fire of London in 1666 was a disaster, but it was not the only one facing the English Government at the time. 


16 July 2020

Queen Elizabeth I's relationships with the women in her court can tell us a lot more about her personality. Jane Simpkiss explores.

The Caretakers project at Cutty Sark.jpg

13 July 2020

Cutty Sark has been closed for months - but that doesn't mean the ship has been deserted.

Juno - NASA's mission to Jupiter

25 June 2020

Juno is a space probe developed by NASA which is currently orbiting around Jupiter. Now 4 years into its mission, what has the Juno probe revealed about the largest planet in our solar system?

Night sky highlights - July 2020

24 June 2020

Discover what to see in the night sky in July 2020, including the planets Jupiter and Saturn.


17 June 2020

At the end of the Second World War Britain was busy rebuilding a nation that was shattered by the war. The British government recruited workers from the Caribbean to cope with the shortage of labour in some British industries. 

Detail from Ship of Fools.jpg

12 June 2020

There are a lot of terms bandied around when people talk about migration. Although breaking down terms might not seem important, it is increasingly recognised that language shapes our perception of reality. So the words we use to talk about migration have a very real effect on how we think and act about migration.

Nikki and Greta at sea on La Vagabonde, Day 10, 2019. credit: Nikki Henderson

8 June 2020

Having skippered her first Trans-Atlantic race at just 20, Nikki Henderson is one of the UK’s leading young sailors. In 2018, Nikki became the youngest ever skipper of a round the world race at the age of 25.

Franklin colour 3.jpg

5 June 2020

Sir John Franklin’s expedition to map final part of the Northwest Passage departed on 19 May 1845. The two exploration ships, HMS Erebus and Terror were towed from Greenhithe in Kent at 10.30am.