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Planetarium closures

Visitor notice: Between 21 - 23 of April the scheduled 'Phantom of the Universe' planetarium show will be replaced by the 'Final Frontier' show in all the advertised slots.  See what's on and choose your next space adventure

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3 October 2017

October’s Item of the Month looks at a prescient work of fiction from 1898, Morgan Robertson’s Futility (RMG item ID: PBF5926). 

27 September 2017

This month, see if you can spot the meteors from the Orionid meteor shower. (Details given are for London and may vary for other parts of the UK)

27 September 2017

A special group of people from across the community have come together to organise a one-day festival. But who are they? And what was the result?

27 September 2017

As journals librarian I am always eager to share the discoveries I uncover in the collection. May I introduce ‘The Shipmasters’ Society London’ journal. 

20 September 2017

The recent discovery of Frankin's lost ships reveals more than artefacts and history. Amber Lincoln of the British Museum discusses the impact of Inuit oral history on locating the ships and what this means for the future of research in the Arctic. 

19 September 2017

Featuring polar bear and hedgehog sightings, our 2017 astrophotographers share their tales of freezing temperatures, far-flung travel, and police encounters

18 September 2017

Every month, Documentations Officer Claire Denham takes us behind the scenes at Cutty Sark, to give us an insight into the important daily research, documentation and maintenance work that keeps Cutty Sark preserved for many future generations to come.

15 September 2017

Our 2017 shortlisted astrophotographers share their tips and tricks for taking the perfect astronomy photo...

15 September 2017

In this guest blog Professor Andrew Lambert looks at an alternative reason why Franklin was employed to lead the 1845 expedition into the Arctic and why it is that this reason is often overlooked.

13 September 2017

Having grown up in north Kent, I always keep an eye out for archive material relating to shipping on the River Medway and the naval dockyard at Chatham.  During cataloguing work earlier this year, I was drawn to some papers from the period when Admiral Sir Gerard H.U. Noel was commander-in-chief at the Nore station.  They include an appeal for the extension of Chatham Dockyard; see the items numbered NOE/51/5/9 in the Archive Catalogue.