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Meridian building and gallery closures

Due to important restoration works, the Meridian Gallery and Building will be closed to our visitors as of 7th of January until 15th of February 2019. Flamsteed House, the Octagon Room, Meridian Line, Great Equatorial Telescope and Meridian shop will be accessible as normal. 

Read our blog to get the lowdown from our experts and go behind the scenes at Royal Museums Greenwich.

20 February 2018

What can the back of a painting tell us? Paintings conservator Lucy Odlin sheds some light on the often overlooked underside of Tudor masterpieces.

16 February 2018

Cleaning and consolidation of a 19th century mask from Vanuatu, Melanesia

13 February 2018

The best of astronomy this month: Look for Venus around sunset throughout March.

13 February 2018

James Creassy’s journal (Item ID: JOD/304) is over 300 pages long and written in perfectly legible handwriting – a rare find for material from 1777! He does not say why he is travelling to Bengal, but records in detail the entertaining, dramatic and sometimes rather distressing events that take place during the journey.

7 February 2018

The Mercy starring Colin Firth portrays Donald Crowhurst's tragic attempt to sail around the world single-handedly in the first race of its kind. Maritime specialist Jeremy Michell sheds light on the perils of sailing alone, the progress of yacht racing, and the importance of remembering failure.

6 February 2018

For February’s item of the month I have chosen JOD/133 a logbook written by T.F. Miller, the gunner on the whaling ship ‘Erik’ which records a voyage undertaken in 1876 from Dundee to the Davis Strait and Baffin Bay between Canada and Greenland.

5 February 2018

The Greenwich Time Signal (also known as "the pips") was used by many BBC Radio stations between 1924 and 1990.

31 January 2018

Like virtually all four-hundred-year-old sites, the Queen’s House has had a complicated history. As a public institution, we are committed to sharing stories that are often overlooked or hidden. In honour of LGBT History Month, we wanted to share two of these stories.

31 January 2018

Open 23 March–30 September, The Great British Seaside is a major exhibition exploring Britain's relationship with the seaside through the lenses of the nation's best loved photographers. Discover the lives and careers of Martin Parr, Tony Ray-Jones, David Hurn, and Simon Roberts and hear in their own words what draws them to the seaside.

24 January 2018

The Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition received over 3800 entries from around 80 countries in 2017. Astronomer and judge Marek Kukula draws out the scientific and personal stories from five of his favourites.