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This year, RMG will be working with several scientific organisations, conservationists, and community groups to produce free workshops, talks and performances at the Museum, suitable for all ages, with a number of digital resources available on our website. There will also be the official opening of the Museum’s latest gallery, Poles Apart – Explore the world of the RSS Sir David Attenborough.

Laura Boon, Lloyd’s Register Foundation Senior Curator: Contemporary Maritime at RMG, said “Over 70% of our blue planet is covered in water and more than half of all the oxygen we breath comes from ocean plants. Increasingly we are aware of the huge negative effect humans are having, from over-fishing, greenhouse gas emissions, as well as chemical, noise and plastic pollution”.

There will be expert-led stalls and talks from scientists and environmentalists aiming to help families discuss the climate crisis and raise awareness for sustainable solutions to contemporary environmental and maritime issues.

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8 June

Preview Opening of Poles Apart

Be one of the very first visitors to experience this exciting new gallery exploring the world of the Sir David Attenborough research ship and its autonomous underwater vehicle Boaty McBoatface.


11 June

Official Opening of Poles Apart

Following the visit of the RRS Sir David Attenborough during the National Maritime Museum’s Ice Worlds Festival in October 2021, the newest gallery at the Museum explores the world of the ship, the experience of the crew onboard and the important polar science research they carry out.  


Meet the Experts

There will be a range of scientist and conservationist led stands with hands on activities in addition to exciting talks. These green shipping and sustainability stalls will be run by experts from partner organisations covering subjects relating to sustainability in our ocean.


Ice Core

This is a rare opportunity to view an ice core from the British Antarctic Survey up close. As it melts, you will be able to hear the bubbles of the world’s ancient atmosphere escaping the frozen ice. Scientists use this trapped air to study the world’s past climate going back hundreds of thousands of years. 


Art Installations Created by The Collective Makers
RMG is partnering with arts organisation The Collective Makers to create four digital artworks by commissioned artists to respond to this year’s World Oceans Day theme, Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean. The artworks will be on display at the National Maritime Museum. 


Messages for Our Oceans

This display has been created by year 5 pupils from Rathfern Primary School in collaboration with RMG and Ocean Generation to explore the wonders of the oceans and the threats that face them. The pupils have already added their personal pledges to help save the oceans and visitors on the day will be able to contribute their own pledges.


Coral Reef Crochet Workshop

RMG will begin creating a crocheted coral reef working with community groups and enthusiastic volunteers in the run up to World Oceans Day. Drop in on the day to add your pre-made creations, or the facilitators can help you make something. Coral reef experts will also be on-hand to give insight into these important underwater worlds.


Recycled Fashion Workshop with The Line

An artist-led workshop exploring themes of climate change and ocean waste through the creation of wearable artworks from everyday materials inspired by RMG’s Practitioner in Residence, Serge Attukwei Clottey. This workshop is a continuation of Longitudinal Dialogues, a collaborative programme developed by RMG, The Line and Arup Phase 2. Drop in throughout the day then show off your creations at 16:00.


Ocean Generation Workshop

Ocean Generation will lead immersive workshops to raise awareness about ocean conservation. During this interactive presentation, young people will have the opportunity to discover the wonders of the ocean and how it supports and is interconnected to all life on Earth; understand the current threats affecting the environment and their impact on our lives; explore realistic and doable actions to become an active Ocean Protector and create a wave of change in their homes and communities. Ocean Generation have partnered with the producers of Blue Paradox and will be using some of their content.


The London Sea Shanty Collective

Sing along to some sea shanties with The London Sea Shanty Collective as they bring the Museum to life with traditional working songs. They will perform two 30-minute sets as well as a workshop where the audience can take part.


Metronomes Steel Orchestra

A 10-strong configuration of four-time UK Panorama winners, Metronomes Steel Orchestra, will perform live music throughout the day.


Objects in Focus

Over 90% of the Royal Museums Greenwich collection is in storage, during these talks the Museums’ curators will be presenting rarely seen items from the collections. Join them to find out how we used to study the ocean in the past and the impact human activity has had on the environment.


Merfolk Face Painting

Look out for the pod of fabulous merfolk for ocean inspired painted face designs including scales, coral, little fish and more.


Virtual Reality (VR) and the Ocean

Visitors will be able to explore the ocean without getting their feet wet in a variety of VR experiences using Oculus Quest and their own phones to dive into the ocean.





Our Ocean, Our Planet Online Hub 
We depend on the ocean for our very survival, yet many of us feel cut off from what is happening in our rivers, seas, oceans and ice caps. Our Ocean, Our Planet aims to help navigate these turbulent waters on World Oceans Day and beyond. This online hub publishes original articles, interviews, photo essays and videos, all designed to help connect our history as a seafaring species with contemporary environmental and maritime issues.   
URL: Our Ocean, Our Planet | National Maritime Museum ( 


How to talk to children about the Climate Crisis 
This webinar explores practical tips for having honest and open conversations with children about the climate crisis, without causing feelings of stress or trauma. As a Maritime Museum, we know how intrinsically connected our oceans are to humanity's future and want to support families to encounter and explore reliable information about the climate crisis. 
'How to' Series for Parents and Carers | Royal Museums Greenwich ( 


How to make an ocean in a bottle 
Oceans are vital to the survival of the planet and it is important that we try to keep them clean and healthy. Be inspired by the magnificence of the oceans and create your own ocean in a bottle. Imagine you are relaxing at the seaside as you create your own waves at home.   
How to make an ocean in a bottle | Royal Museums Greenwich ( 






Venue:                         National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Dates:                          11 June 2022

Opening times:             10.00 – 16.00

Admission:                   Free

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