KS4 Learning at Home

We have cherry picked some of our most popular and closely curriculum linked activities for you to have fun with at home.  Each one has been carefully created with our teacher forum so you can rest easy knowing they are top notch.  We have split them into key stages and also popped the curriculum requirements that we can help you cover too in case that is handy for you to know.

Activities and Videos

Forces and Motion

  • Video - Are there aliens?  What a great queston.  Find out more here
  • Video and activities - Newton's laws of motion - as laws go, there are pretty important ones.  This is one of our most popular videos of all time.
  • Video and activity - Acceleration due to gravity - find out how to calculate this here.
  • Video and activity - What is gravity and how is it calculated? - find out by checking out our resource and video here.
  • Video and activity - Conservation of momentum - explore how momentum is conserved when two objects collide here.
  • Video and activity - Balanced and unbalanced forces - find out why these forces are useful to understand when building a space probe here.
  • Video - How will the Universe end?  What a question!  FInd out here.
  • Video and activity - The habitable zone - find out what this is and why it is important here.

Wave Motion

  • Video and activity - Dark energy and dark matter - calculate the mass of dark matter in the solar system and compare that to the amount of dark energy present here.
  • Video and activity - Satellites - explore how satellites are used in space including orbital speed and time, along with transmission and frequency of light here.
  • Video and activity - Exoplanets - learn about the importance of spectroscopy in looking for signs of life on planets outside of our solar system here.
  • Video and activity - What is light?  Great question!  Find out here.

Space Physics and Astronomy

  • Video - Are there aliens?  What a great queston.  Find out more here
  • Video and activity - How do you measure the Universe? Sounds tricky, find out more here.
  • Activity - Stellar Sat-Nav - Find out how this stellar sat-nav works here.
  • Video and activity - Is there life out there?  Use the famous Drake equation to estimate the number of planets that may harbour intelligent life in the Milky Way here.
  • Web activity - Classify a galaxy - Help researchers classify galaxies – you might even get your name on a scientific paper! 
  • Video - Space rocks - YES it does.  Find out all about different space rocks here.
  • Video - How will the Universe end?  If this is something you have wondered, this is for you!
  • Video - Collisions and explosions - find out what happens when things crash in space here.
  • Video - Stars and the H-R Diagram - find out how stars evolve and how astronomers classify stars using a graph known as the H-R Diagram here.

Curriculum Requirements

PDF icon KS4 Curriculum Requirements

Is there anything else we can do?

Oh yes.  We have a huge selection of videos, podcasts and buckets more activities to try at home!  We are adding to the pages all the time so don't forget to check back and see what is new.