Essential Information

Key Stage Key Stage 3
School Subject History
Resource Type Teacher notes

Pre-visit preparations

The key question we will investigate at the museum is 'How did enslavement impact peoples’ identities?​' allowing us to investigate what happened to enslaved people, but also how they responded and resisted. 

To allow us to engage fully with these topics, before attending the session it would be useful if students already have considered in class:

  • Africa before Transatlantic Enslavement
  • The Transatlantic Slave Trade System
  • The Atlantic Crossing (Middle Passage)
  • Plantation Conditions

Students will still be able to engage with the enquiry day without this background knowledge but we recommend that the day will be more productive and students will be able to engage with museum resources more fully having covered these ideas in advance.

The themes pages on the Understanding Slavery Initiative website has pages dedicated to these topics with background information that teachers may find useful in preparing students and studying histories of Transatlantic Enslavement.

Teachers can also download the Unlocking Perceptions handbook for support in approaching and working with histories of Transatlantic Enslavement. 



Post Visit Materials - Legacies of Enslavement and Identity

The legacies of transatlantic enslavement continue to shape the world we live in. To help teachers and students investigate this we have created a series of video resources.

Together they allow students to investigate the question  'How do the legacies of Transatlantic Enslavement impact people and their identity today?'

Scroll through the videos and questions below.


Money and Public Spaces

How should our museums and public places represent the histories of Transatlantic Slavery?

Migration and Communities

How do shared histories connect different people and communities?

Racism and Inequalities

How are people challenging racism and inequality today?

Education and Activism

What and how should people learn about the history of Transatlantic Slavery?

How do you think people should respond to this today?

Lifestyle and Culture

How does learning about other people and the past change how we understand the lives of people today?

We would like to say thank you to all the participants who have contributed their time and knowledge, the experts who worked with us to develop the project and to Chocolate Films who created the videos.