20 Sep 2019

This month we are shining a spotlight on the wonderful Palette Events who have worked with us for many years across our five venues and are consistent favourites of our clients. Palette are an established event management and catering company designing bespoke experiences for private and corporate clients alike.

I spoke to the Directors, Matthew and Mark, and asked some questions to find out exactly what makes them tick.

Let’s start simple…are you a dog or a cat person?

I hope this picture answers that question…Porridge is well-established member of the team and often found providing security at the office! Well isn’t Porridge a cutie pie!

Now let’s go deeper…which of our five venues is your favourite and why?

Tricky…Flamsteed House for the view, the history and intimacy of a small dinner, Cutty Sark is just incredible but if I am really forced to make a choice, it’s the Queen’s House for me.

200 years ahead of its’ time in terms of architecture and built as the ‘House of Delights’, it’s still the perfect location for a party or wedding, stunning adjoining elegant rooms, incredible world-class views and an atmospheric Undercroft for a relaxed evening reception – great design still works!!

What past event stands out for you as one you’re most proud of?

With such a range of clients and events it’s so hard to pick one – some of the corporate events on the lawns at The Queen’s House have been amazing fun but the most memorable ones for me tend to be the weddings. It’s a surprisingly intimate and involving process being involved for such a long period in the planning of an event that is so important and that you know clients will remember for years to come. Fudging it slightly, but when you get a hug and possibly a tear or two from a bride at the end of the night you know you got it right!

You do lots of our weddings! If you could give a wedding client just one piece of advice, what would it be?

Relax, breathe, take a step back and take it all in…

In a world of Instagram and endless options it’s sometimes hard to help clients pin down exactly what they want. I would always say go with your first instinct and try not to overthink everything, if you love it there’s every chance your guests will…

That’s such wonderful advice. What’s the craziest request you’ve ever had from a client?

I will never forget the bride’s mother approaching us in a marquee 90 minutes before the guests were due to arrive and out of earshot of the bride, with what is possibly the saddest three tier cake ever (apparently the icing hadn’t ‘gone well’!) and asking us what we could do? Luckily as we were also doing the flowers 85 minutes later there was a three-tiered rose garden swathed in foliage and flowers and not a bit of the cake to be seen…

Or could we have WiFi in caves? That’s also been a request…

Butterflies in the snow?

The list goes on…

Finally, to finish up, if you could eat just one of your dishes for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Potted Shrimp, Roast Lamb Fillet and Lemon Posset with Blueberry Coulis… I know it’s not just one but this was my fortieth birthday dinner menu. An evening I will never forget!


For more information about Palette, contact

020 7237 6975 or go to www.palette-events.com


Call the Events Team at Royal Museums Greenwich today on 0208 312 6579 to see what a unique venue can do for your next event.