The HMT Empire Windrush was a ship that carried 1027 passengers and two stowaways from Jamaica to London in 1948. The ship become symbolic of a generation of commonwealth citizens who moved to the UK after World War II.

This activity celebrates the HMT Empire Windrush and the generation of West Indians who moved to the UK and became known as the Windrush Generation. As part of the activity we will also be celebrating another historical moment in black history, Marvel's first black superhero movie, Blank Panther (2018).

For this workshop, you will combine the two together to create a futuristic Windrush boat in the time of Wakanda.


This activity has been created by Black SuperSheroes.

You will need:

Colouring pencils



Chosen template


Step 1

Select your chosen boat template and print it out, or copy it by hand. 

Template of Windrush
Step 2

Have a look at some of these Wakanda inspired designs. Print out, or copy, some of the accessories to use on your ship. 

A template of a panther head
Step 3

Add some colour to your Wakandan designs. 

A red, yellow, purple and green felt tip pen.
Step 4

Following the marching ants, use scissors to carefully cut around your chosen shapes and glue them onto your Windrush ship.

Child participating in craft activity.


Well done! Don't forget to share your futuristic Empire Windrush boats with us on social media.

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