Join Dani on a sensory journey inspired by Britain's historic trade with India.

In this activity you can listen and play along as we journey across the oceans. As Dani speaks, she will prompt you to participate in some sensory activities. You can pause the video to play and explore, skip activities that don't engage your family, or just follow along as the video plays. This activity has been created for sensory learners, including for PMLD and SLD individuals. 

If you would like to try the activities that Dani suggests, you will need some materials from around your home. Don't worry if you don't have everything, you can swap in anything you do have. 

You will need

  • A bowl or cup of water
  • Some fabric
  • A book or magazine
  • Some spices (any will do!)
  • A mirror
  • Tinfoil 
  • Wool or cotton wool (or anything soft)
  • A soft toy

Dani Explores a Sensory Collection

You can download the transcript for this story here. 


Extra resources

Scroll through the carousel below to see additional resources for sensory play.

Spicy play dough recipe

Create some spicy play dough using this recipe.

Two pieces of home made play dough. One is a light green colour and the other is yellow.
Painting with spices

To paint with spices:

1. Add a small amount of water to a bowl

2. Add some of your spice of choice to the water (adjust the quantity of spice for colour and amount of water)

3. Mix the spice and the water together

4. Get painting! But don't forget to let the mixture dry before giving it a sniff!

Someone holds up a piece of white paper. Swirls in yellow and brown have been created by painting with spices.
The 'up' sound
The 'down' sound

Did you enjoy this activity?

You can listen to this video again and again and you could even create your own sensory experiences for the story. There is no wrong way to play!


If you are looking for a sensory exploration of the collection on-site, at the National Maritime Museum, pick up a 'Sensory Explorer' backpack from the 'Play and Explore' trolley.