As part of the conservation project for A Royal Visit to the Fleet, a group of young people from the Royal Borough of Greenwich produced a series of short films exploring the skills and knowledge required to care for and display a historical painting.

The group was invited behind the scenes at Royal Museums Greenwich and took part in a series of workshops and mentoring sessions with staff. They discovered the multiple and varied processes involved in conserving this artwork, and were able to try out these skills and techniques for themselves.

Watch the full series below.

Discovering A Royal Visit to the Fleet
How do you assess the damage?
How do you clean a painting?
The secrets of paint mixing
Restoring a painting's frame
The art of gilding
How was paint actually made?
A visit to the van de Velde studio
Inside the Photo Studio

Through documenting their experiences, participants provided a personal insight into life behind the scenes of their local museum. The films they have produced highlight their enthusiasm, dedication and creativity.

In having unique access to the museum, its staff and its collections, participants said that they had not only developed a stronger connection to their local museum but a renewed confidence in their own creative abilities, as can be seen in the quotes below.

I was surprised how collaboratively the van de Veldes worked within their studio in the Queens House and how important teamwork was within the team at the museum. It was intriguing to be able to see how museums function and what it takes to run them

I feel like I know people there now so wouldn’t be nervous about visiting

I would normally be at home looking for an excuse to get out of it, but over the last few days of this project it has made me focus on the things I forgot I enjoy doing like art and craft

This series of films were produced with Wolfpack Films.