GCSE Astronomy for Adults - 2020/21

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Visitor notice: Royal Museums Greenwich will be closed from Thursday 5 November until Wednesday 2 December in line with government guidelines. If you have booked a ticket for this period please contact bookings@rmg.co.ukFind out more

Essential information

Date and time: 
Tuesdays 6.30pm-9pm
£615 (+ optional exam fees of £100)
Royal Observatory, Planetarium & Astronomy Centre
Astronomy courses

This comprehensive course at Royal Observatory Greenwich provides an opportunity to acquire a rigorous scientific understanding of the universe.

The GCSE astronomy course at Royal Observatory Greenwich offers a firm grounding in the study of the Sun-Earth-Moon system, the Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy and the wider Universe.

This course requires a basic understanding of geometry, trigonometry and algebra. We encourage all our prospective GCSE Astronomy students to try this Maths Quiz before deciding to do the course (the answers can be read here).

This is not an exhaustive list of the types of mathematical concepts you will encounter, but is indicative of the level of understanding required.

The course consists of 30 Tuesday evening classes which will be conducted online via Microsoft Classroom until social distancing ends. The course will then be held on-site at the Royal Obervatory Greenwich. For those who are keen to obtain the formal GCSE Astronomy qualification, arrangements can be made to take the required exams at Townley Grammar School, Bexleyheath, in Summer 2021 for an additinal fee and subject to social distancing rules at the time of the exam.

Each course participant will receive GCSE Astronomy: A Guide for Pupils and Teachers (Fifth Edition, Nigel Marshall, Mickledore Publishing) as a reference text for use during the course.

For safeguarding reasons, the 2020-21 course will be for those aged 18+ only. If you are 14+ and are interested in the course, please contact our bookings team (bookings@rmg.co.uk) to be added to the waiting list for next year's course.

Holiday dates: 27 Oct, 15, 22, 29 Dec, 16 Feb & 6, 13 Apr

Location: Microsoft Classroom Online session