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Exposure: Lives at Sea is a photography exhibition at the National Maritime Museum exploring what life is really like for those who work at sea today.

Through a series of photographs taken by those working in the maritime industry, the exhibition shines a light on this often forgotten but integral work.

We rely on our oceans for food, ecosystem services, energy and transportation, yet it is a world rarely seen. Bringing together photography taken around the world, from the reefs of Mexico to the isolation of Antarctica, the exhibition shows us the myriad ways life can be spent at sea.

The exhibition is now closed, but there's so much more to explore in Greenwich in 2023. Check our what's on listings to see upcoming exhibitions and events, and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news from Royal Museums Greenwich.

This exhibition was generously supported by John and Josephine Morrow

Meet the photographers

Exposure: Lives at Sea photographers

Facing winds and waves

Commercial fisherman Corey Arnold documents Alaskan seas and the people who work on its waters.


The power of conservation photography

Octavio Aburto reveals the stories behind his remarkable wildlife photographs.

Life beneath the waves

Conservation photographer Jennifer Adler reveals the photos, dives and projects that give her hope for the future of our ocean.


Life on a North Sea oil rig

Peter Iain Campbell talks about the the importance of camaraderie for seafarers' wellbeing.

A modern crisis at sea

Chief engineer Cezar Gabriel explores life at sea during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Surviving the Antarctic

Michał Krzysztofowicz, Data Manager at the British Antarctic Survey's Halley IV Research Station talks about his lived experience in one of our planets most challenging environments


Cezar Gabriel

Chief engineer and photographer Cezar Gabriel has worked at sea for over 20 years, living on remote oil tankers. He began taking photos of life on board to raise awareness of the physical and mental challenges faced by seafarers. 


Jennifer Adler

Dr Jennifer Adler is a conservation photographer and underwater journalist, who dives deep into an uncharted world beneath the surface to communicate conservation and science. 


Corey Arnold

A photographer and commercial fisher, Corey Arnold documents the Alaskan sea and the people who work on its waters.


Michał Krzysztofowicz

Working for 15 months as a Data Manager at the British Antarctic Survey's Halley IV Research Station, Michal documented his experience by taking a photo every day for a year. His work captures the isolation of working in one of the most remote workplaces on Earth, inaccessible by sea, land or air.


Peter Iain Campbell

Peter Iain Campbell is a commercial photographer who, in order to document life in the offshore oil and gas industry, specifically trained to work as a drilling rig worker in the North Sea.


Octavio Aburto

A marine ecologist and National Geographic explorer and photographer, Octavio Aburto has been photographing marine ecosystems off the coastal waters of Mexico since 1994.

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