Certificates issued to Albert Llewellyn Quarm, 1922-1967.

Certificates issued to Quarm during his career at sea:
Certificate of service as an apprentice with Sir William Reardon Smith & Sons Ltd, Cardiff, 1922-1927.
Continuous Certificate of Discharge booklet, including a small portrait photograph, 1928-1942 (Discharge No R29163). Note pages 6-9 with details of Quarm's engagements have been torn out.
Certificate of Competency as Master, issued in 1967 in exchange for the original certificate gained in 1942, certificate number 48881.

Record Details

Item reference: QRM/4/1; X2003.014.1 DUP X2003.014.1 D2001.055 D2001.162.1
Catalogue Section: Personal collections
Level: ITEM
Date made: 1922-1967; 1928-1929 1928-1937 1928-1967
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

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