Circular lid for box made from several ships

Circular lid for box. The base of the box is inlaid with two concentric brass rings surrounding a small circular plaque engraved with the letter 'D' and the date '1824'. The smaller brass ring is engraved with the 'C'. Engraved on a brass plate inside the base is the inscription: 'The Top of this Box is made from a piece of the Royal George sunk at Spithead in the Year 1782. A...... a piece of the Bellerophon. B...... a piece of the Rider of the Victory that Lord Nelson died against.'

Object Details

ID: REL0614.1
Type: Box lid
Display location: Not on display
Date made: 1824
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London. Caird Fund.
Measurements: Overall: 13 mm x 92 mm x 92 mm
Parts: Circular box made from several ships (Box)

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