The East Indiaman 'General Goddard' Capturing Dutch East Indiamen, June 1795

'The East Indiaman General Goddard capturing Dutch East Indiamen, June 1795'. This painting depicts an engagement that took place off St Helena on 11 June 1795, during the war with France. Also shown are the East India Company packet 'Swallow', commanded by William Clifton, and the Royal Naval 3rd- rate ship ' Sceptre', captained by William Essington. The 'General Goddard', 755 tons was an important ship in the history of the east India Company fleet. The vessel was built to replace or 'on the bottom of' the 'Royal (Saint) George' by Randall, Brent and Sons in 1781. It was originally owned by William Money. During 1795 it was commanded by William Taylor Money. The General Goddard was the first vessel to be part-owned, in 1788, by Robert Wigram the future owner of Blackwall Yard and the leading ship husbandman of the period. The incident depicted in the painting took place during the return leg of the vessel's fifth voyage for the company, also known as the Cape Expedition, and which resulted in the capture of nine Dutch East Indiamen. The General Goddard and the seven other East India ships that eventually made up the homeward bound convoy reached their moorings between the 16 and 19 October 1795. The other vessels were the 'Asia', 'Essex', 'Manship', 'Airly Castle', 'Lord Hawkesbury', 'Busbridge' and the 'Earl of Wycombe'. The National Maritime Museum also holds a commonplace book that belonged to Commander Henry Upton, Fourth Officer on the General Goddard between 1793 and 1795. Following the action depicted Upton was detached in the 'Dordwyk' as prize master. The commonplace book includes orders relating to that activity, (UPN/7) see also (UPN/12).

Object Details

ID: BHC0479
Collection: Fine art
Type: Painting
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Luny, Thomas
Events: French Revolutionary Wars, 1792-1802
Vessels: General Goddard (fl.1782)
Date made: Late 18th century - Early 19th century
People: Dutch East India Company; Honourable East India Company
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London. Caird Fund.
Measurements: Painting: 1143 mm x 1841 mm

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