Set of toy bricks

A set of 57 wooden play blocks depicting Nelson's funeral procession, 9 January 1806: in a wooden box with a sliding lid. A striped silk ribbon is associated with the box. Each block is wedge shaped and stands on its shortest side, a section of a print showing a part of the procession is glued to its widest face. Based on a print on paper by John Wallis published in March 1806, see PAG6714. The title of the print is glued to the lid, inscribed as follows: 'Britain's last tribute of gratitude to her departed HERO exhibiting the Order observed in the PUBLIC FUNERAL PROCESSION of the late Viscount Admiral HORATIO, VISCOUNT NELSON from the Admiralty to St. Paul's Cathedral on Thursday the 9th day of January 1806.
At least one block is a replacement (37) and one is missing (20). There were originally 58 blocks.

Object Details

ID: ZBA1479
Collection: Toys, games and music
Type: Toy bricks
Display location: Display - Nelson, Navy, Nation Gallery
Events: Death of Nelson, 1805
Date made: circa 1806
Exhibition: Nelson, Navy, Nation
People: Nelson, Horatio
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: Overall: 40 mm x 344 mm x 193 mm
Parts: Set of toy bricks

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