A relic of Sir John Franklin's last expedition 1845-48. A leather wallet containing newspaper clippings and notes. It was found with a skeleton presumed to be Henry Peter Peglar (1811-48), of HMS 'Terror', at Cape Hershel on 25 May 1859, by the McClintock Search Expedition 1857-59. The skeleton is more likely to be that of Peglar's friend, Thomas Armitage, Gun Room Steward, HMS 'Terror'.

The papers in the wallet are:
1) Henry Peglar's seaman's certificate giving details of his naval service, now illegible.
2) A hand-written narrative of Peglar's services at sea running round the sides of the paper in a square.
3) Parody of 'The Sea' by Bryan Waller Procter (1787-1874) in Peglar's writing dated 21 April 1847.
4) An address on a small piece of paper: Mr John Cowper, No 47 John St., Commercial Road, London. Paid.'
5) Slip of paper with the words 'Sentimental Song' written on it.
6/7) Two sheets of paper with a narrative written backwards, part of it relating to the capture of a turtle.
8) 'Lines writ...party wot happened at Trinadad'.
9) Lines begining 'O death whare is thy sting'.
10) Narrative of an incident in Cumana, Venezuela.
11/12) Two pieces of paper, each with an address.

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