Framed notice relating to the Franklin Expedition relics from the 1891 Royal Naval Exhibition at Chelsea.

A gold coloured framed, double-sided, glazed notice relating to the relics from the 1845 Northwest Passage Expedition led by Sir John Franklin. The board was created for the 1891 Royal Naval Exhibition at Chelsea and hung in the Franklin Gallery above the central case that contained relics brought back by a number of search expeditions.

One side contains the words 'THE FRANKLIN RELICS.' painted in blue within a decorated border. The other side, where the frame is ornately carved in the style of ropework, has a longer notice painted within scrollwork edges and corners. Down the left side of the text, the 'T' of 'These Sad Relics...' has been ornately interwoven with a crown and rope knots, including a bowline, round turn and two half-hitches and the beginnings of a figure of eight.

The text reads: ' “ENGLAND EXPECTS EVERY MAN TO DO HIS DUTY”/ “THESE SAD RELICS / are all that has come back to us from the Expedition under SIR JOHN FRANKLIN, / consisting of two Stout Ships, and 129 Souls, / sent out by England in 1845, to attempt once more / The Discovery of the North-West Passage, / "They forged it's Last Link with their Lives" / bequeathing to us the ennobling Memory of / Courage, Discipline, and Devotion to Duty, / displayed by them and emulated by their Brother Seamen. / who sought for them by Land and Sea, in Earth's most inaccessible Regions, nor relinquished the arduous search until, after many years, / in 1859, their Fate and Achievements were clearly ascertained, and written for ever in their Country's History.' The notice finishes with a quote ' “ENGLAND WAS MADE BY HER ADVENTURERS” General Charles Gordon'.

Object Details

ID: AAB0506
Collection: Heraldry
Type: Notice
Display location: Not on display
Places: Bristol
Date made: 1891
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: Overall: 622 x 1003 x 45 mm

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