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8 July 2014
We're nearly there. Ships, Clocks & Stars: The Quest for Longitude opens on Friday and hopefully people will think it looks good. With that in mind, it's a good moment to...


4 July 2014
Today we're really pleased to announce the publication of Irregularity, a new speculative fiction anthology.


30 June 2014

Richard mentioned in his recent post, Looking for a New Harrison, the three accurate longcase clocks that were made by John and James Harrison in the latter half of the 1720s and it prompted me to post a little about an ongoing museum research project that investigates Harrison’s unusual mechanical approach to the pendulum clock.

29 June 2014
The 300th birthday of the longitude act isn't the only important anniversary this year. As well as significant commemorations for both the first and second world wars, 2014...
25 June 2014
One of the stories we hope to tell in the upcoming Ships, Clocks & Stars exhibition is the sheer importance to Georgian society of finding a solution to the Longitude...


23 June 2014
There has been much talk of finding a 'modern-day John Harrison' in the discussions around the Longitude Prize 2014. With Ships, Clocks & Stars: The Quest for Longitude...


19 June 2014
194 years ago today, Sir Joseph Banks died at his home in Isleworth, London. Aged 77, he had become one of the foremost figures in British science, and had a reputation...
19 June 2014
We’re about one week away from finding out what the public have selected as the most pressing scientific problem of our time and therefore the winner of the Longitude Prize...


15 June 2014
It being Father's Day today, I thought it would be a good moment to talk about a paternal quirk of the longitude story. In preparing our now imminent exhibition, Ships,...


15 June 2014
While the new costume drama 'Belle' strays rather far from the fascinating true story of Dido Belle, an eighteenth-century woman of mixed race raised by British aristocracy...