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Half marathon notice

Visitor notice: On Sunday 4 March Cutty Sark and the museum car park will be closed for the Vitality Big Half Marathon. All other museums will be open as normal and DLR and rail links will be running. Find out about road closures

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2 October 2007
Telegraph: Digital radio won't give you the pip(s) "The pips, originally generated from a clock at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, will no longer be accurate because the...
1 October 2007
Photo C7817 © National Maritime Museum Once the clocks go back, at the end of October, we'll start opening the 28-inch telescope for evening viewings.
19 September 2007
The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds Originally uploaded by Ken Schwarz
10 September 2007
The National Maritime Museum website has times for the visibility of the new crescent Moon, and the start of Ramadan, this week.
8 September 2007
Astronomy Blog: Telescopes Live! "I like to think to a future where you could start up Stellarium, StarryNight or Google Sky and see where professional telescopes are...
2 September 2007
This month we can see the planets Jupiter in the early evening and Mars just after midnight, and plenty of interesting objects in the Milky Way arcing overhead. The word...
25 August 2007
New York Times: Venezuela: A Decree for the Clocks "Moved by claims that it will help the metabolism and productivity of his fellow citizens, President Hugo Chávez said...
22 August 2007
Google has announced Google Sky, a new feature in Google Earth that lets you browse the entire night sky. Download the latest version of Google Earth, and you'll find a new...
22 August 2007
Twitter: Astronomy picture of the day Daily notification, including the title and a link to the image. (Also available as an RSS feed.)
16 August 2007
Let me introduce you to the Flamsteed Astronomy Society at the Royal Observatory Greenwich (ROG). I'll be reporting on the Flamsteed's activities and plans regularly in this...