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Half marathon notice

Visitor notice: On Sunday 4 March Cutty Sark and the museum car park will be closed for the Vitality Big Half Marathon. All other museums will be open as normal and DLR and rail links will be running. Find out about road closures

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17 March 2008
The Library will be closed on the following days over the Easter bank holiday: Good Friday Saturday Easter Monday The E-Library will also be closed on Saturday and Sunday....
14 March 2008
The Cassini spacecraft performed a close flyby of Saturn's moon Enceladus on Wednesday, passing within 50km of the surface at closest approach. Scientists are particularly...
13 March 2008
The Moon has reached first quarter in its moonthly orbit around the Earth (a small mis-spelling of the word month, and you realise where the word originates from!). You have...
13 March 2008
Earlier today an E-Library visitor informed me that campaigners are petitioning the House of Commons for a posthumous pardon to be granted to Admiral John Byng.
12 March 2008
Promethei Planum, near the south pole of Mars Credit: ESA/ DLR/ FU Berlin (G. Neukum)
10 March 2008
Artist's impression of rings around Rhea Credit: NASA/JPL
7 March 2008
In the last two weeks of February the Reading Room was closed while the library and manuscripts teams carried out our annual audit and completed a reorganisation project in...
3 March 2008
The mighty constellation of Orion is still dominating the evening sky. But by May, the Earth will have moved so far around the Sun that Orion will be hidden behind the Sun's...
1 March 2008
March's item of the month is a series of letters discovered by Martin during his ongoing project to catalogue the collection of Admiral Sir Edward Pellew.
21 February 2008
Eclipse totale de lune, 21 février 2008 /Total lunar eclipse, February 21 2008 Originally uploaded by Laurence_