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2 May 2008
Arctic Convoys This website lists, in alphabetical order, the vessels involved in the Arctic convoys and their fates. It also gives details of where you can find their...
2 May 2008
This blog will highlight some of the Museum's recent acquisitions. Usually these objects will also be available on Collections Online or in the new Manuscripts catalogue....
2 May 2008
May's item of the month is dedicated to the diary of Dr John Dee which is housed in our rare book collection.
1 May 2008
This is the National Maritime Museum's collections blog (it's not the collections catalogue if that's what you're looking for). The blog provides a way of us (Museum staff...


1 May 2008
This year marks the 90th anniversary of the assault and blockade of Zeebrugge and Ostend. During the First World War they were two of the most heavily fortified enemy bases...
22 April 2008
BBC NEWS: Muslim call to adopt Mecca time "Muslim scientists and clerics have called for the adoption of Mecca time to replace GMT, arguing that the Saudi city is the true...
19 April 2008
The archive and library at the National Maritime Museum can be an invaluable resource when researching any maritime related family history. If your genealogical tree holds...


18 April 2008
My first few weeks have been busy and memorable - I will never forget my first week at the museum in mid-February when we had a series of foggy mornings. Seeing the Queen's...
15 April 2008
Cosmic visions is a European Space Agency initiative to plan missions to be launched between 2015-2025. And there is no shortage of ideas! Missions include: