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9 April 2008
Spring is here, so it is time to say goodbye to Orion until next winter! By the end of April, it will by hidden by the glare of the Sun, and during June the Sun will be...


8 April 2008
April's item of the month is about the loss of the HMS Royal George, the naval warship that mysteriously sank in Spithead while undergoing minor repairs
8 April 2008
It's always interesting to hear about what people are researching in the library. That's part of the thinking behind this 'who's researching what?' section of the blog. It's...
6 April 2008
This years National Astronomy Meeting at the Queen's University Belfast came to a close on Friday, after 4 days of talks on the latest breakthroughs in UK astronomical...


6 April 2008
Prof. Mark Bailey's (Armagh Observatory) public lecture at NAM 2008 celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Tunguska event, when a large meteoroid exploded 5 miles above a...


4 April 2008
One of the newest topic in astronomy presented at this year's NAM was the atmosphere's in exosolar planets session. I find it staggering that astronomers can now study the...


4 April 2008
12 years ago, we didn't even know planets could exist around distant stars. Today, we know of almost 300 of them! The exosolar planet session here at this year's NAM began...
3 April 2008
The full list of Archive journeys in April is now available from the events section on the main museum website. Next week is our newest storybox: Pirates! We hope to see you...
3 April 2008
A useful collection of transcriptions from the British and American inquiries into the sinking of the Titanic, along with other archival material from the New York branch of...


2 April 2008
There is so much going on here at NAM about astronomy outreach that I have had to spread the news over two posts! Lars Christensen indicated some of the many world-wide...