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7 January 2008
The Orion Nebula is a wonderful sight, in binoculars or a telescope - but it is often difficult to compare what you see with your own eyes through a telescope with...


4 January 2008
3 January 2008
A recently discovered asteroid, which passed close to the Earth in November, may strike Mars on 30 January 2008. Asteroid 2007 WD5 will pass very close to Mars at the end of...
3 January 2008
The library team here at the Caird Library were dedicatedly cataloguing new books right up to the Christmas break. You can see all the material we’ve catalogued during...


2 January 2008
The main highlights for this month are Orion, Mars and Saturn. There is lots to see in Orion, which is visible around the South throughout the evening (click on the map to...


27 December 2007
On New Year's day, Comet Tuttle will be closest to the Earth, a mere 25 million miles away, and also at its brightest. The comet will just be visible to the unaided eye, so...
22 December 2007
Happy solstice to all our readers! The winter solstice this year occurs at 6am, on 22 December, 2007. That is the time when the Earth's North pole is pointing directly away...


21 December 2007
As a result of our small exhibition of items relating to SS Great Eastern, we've had one of the items photographed by our in-house photo studio. So here is the Great Eastern...
18 December 2007
As Christmas is approaching I thought I would remind our readers of our opening hours over the holiday period. Saturday 22nd December - 10am-1pm; 2pm-4.45pm (by appointment)...


17 December 2007
We have recently put online a collection of over 500 historic photographs taken between 1891 and 1919 by the architectural photographers Bedford Lemere & Co.