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13 December 2007
Comet Holmes now appears almost twice the diameter of the full Moon in the night sky. To see the latest images, see the gallery at Because the comet is so...


11 December 2007
New dates are available for our evening observing events.
7 December 2007
December's item of the month is a Christmas special from our Manuscript collections. The publishing of a Christmas themed item of the month is tradition that goes back...
5 December 2007
A new daily planetarium show all about Black Holes is now available at the Peter Harrison Planetarium, here at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. The show touches on several...
5 December 2007
Recently I've been researching the story of Alain Bombard, the French doctor and biologist who survived for sixty days in a dinghy on the Atlantic Ocean without food or water.
4 December 2007
The library collection is continually growing here at the Caird Library and every month the library team works hard to catalogue new material covering all aspects of the...
3 December 2007
Friday 30 November saw the opening of the Museum’s new permanent Gallery, Atlantic Worlds, focusing on the role that the Atlantic Ocean has played as a conduit for the...


2 December 2007
We have very long nights in the northern hemisphere during December – perfect for astronomy! Here in Greenwich, the sun is setting at 4pm in the afternoon and not rising...


29 November 2007
Continuing to work through the papers of Viscount Exmouth, Admiral Sir Edward Pellew (1757-1833), I have now reached the period immediately after the Napoleonic wars. But...
29 November 2007
Guardian Unlimited: UK pulls out of major observatory 'STFC announced plans to withdraw the UK from the Gemini Observatory, an international collaboration that operates twin...