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6 October 2007
Jason Lewis completed his human-powered circumnavigation at the Royal Observatory, just after 12.30pm today. He and his supporters heaved Moksha, his wooden pedal boat,...
4 October 2007
Some years ago, I was invited by curator Nigel Rigby to come up with a poetic spin as a counterpoint to Empire footage from old movies, Pathe newsreels etc. I enjoyed that...


4 October 2007
John has recently commenced a three month residency as poet-in-residence at the National Maritime Museum.
2 October 2007
Telegraph: Digital radio won't give you the pip(s) "The pips, originally generated from a clock at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, will no longer be accurate because...
1 October 2007
October's item of the month is a series of letters written by John Parr, an ordinary 'Jack Tar' who served in the navy in the early 19th century. Much like the letters of...


1 October 2007
Photo C7817 © National Maritime Museum Once the clocks go back, at the end of October, we'll start opening the 28-inch telescope for evening viewings.
27 September 2007
Simplon Postcards Hundreds of postcards, images and more of pretty much every cruise liner that ever sailed. For some ships includes photos of passengers and crew and even...


27 September 2007
Developing the first fiction title for the National Maritime Museum’s publishing list has been a fascinating and challenging experience. We are used to publishing catalogues...
25 September 2007
If you've visited the Caird Library recently you'll know that in July and August we were on 'summer hours', where we close an hour later than usual at 5.45 pm. This is...
19 September 2007
One of the things you'll see regularly on this blog are the posts called 'links for [date]', or ' links for [date]'. But what's so delicious about a link, you may...