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Meridian building and gallery closures

Due to important restoration works, the Meridian Gallery and Building will be closed to our visitors as of 7th of January until 15th of February 2019. Flamsteed House, the Octagon Room, Meridian Line, Great Equatorial Telescope and Meridian shop will be accessible as normal. 

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24 January 2018

The best of astronomy this month: watch the Moon pass by Jupiter, Mars, Antares and Saturn.

24 January 2018

“At sea if you were visited by other sailors and the ship wasn’t in tip top condition you are going to get talked about. It has to be perfect, and the same standards are expected here”

20 January 2018

What does a recent auction of a piece of a flag flown on HMS Victory have in common with this recently catalogued Dobbie collection?

9 January 2018

The spine labels of The King’s Ships, by H. S. Lecky show that ships from ABOUKIR to JUPITER are included in these volumes, the title page states that this is a six-volume work, and the introduction explains that they contain a ‘history of all those ships which are in the Naval service of the Empire’. So where are the last three volumes? 

27 December 2017

Look out for a total lunar eclipse, two supermoons, planetary conjunctions, and an array of meteor showers over the coming year.

22 December 2017

'Whaleboats represent the integration of specially developed commercial boat technology into the Royal Navy'

20 December 2017

Prints held in the National Maritime Museum's collection might not be all they seem.

14 December 2017

Kent's archives contain details of many aspects of the county's maritime history including shipwrecks, salvage, smuggling and piracy.

12 December 2017

This month, look out for the two supermoons. (Details given are for London and may vary for other parts of the UK).

11 December 2017

Elizabeth I gave Shakespeare’s players a logistical nightmare when she double booked them during the busy festive season. But what really happened?