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2 November 2017

The Pacific Encounters Gallery features this treated portrait of John Williams, a missionary to the Pacific islands who met a grisly end.

2 November 2017

The Caird Library has recently installed a new display of archive and library material. The theme is Prisoners of War at Home and Overseas, 1793-1815, and it reveals what life was like for the men and boys captured during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. During this period, hundreds of thousands of prisoners of war were held captive at depots, barracks, and on board prison ships all over the world, from North America to the Indian Ocean. The documents on display focus on the experiences of captured British and French sailors and soldiers.

30 October 2017

This month, have a look for Venus and Jupiter in conjunction and the Leonid meteor shower.

25 October 2017

On the run up to Halloween most of us like to sit around and tell each other ghost stories, so here are two from one of our books in the library “The Phantom Ship” by R. L. Hadfield published 1937 (RMG ID: PBB4629), that hopefully leave you with icy fingers crawling up your spine. 

23 October 2017

As we approach Hallowe'en, Shane McCorristine, author of The Spectral Arctic, discusses the role psychics and the supernatural played in the story of the lost Franklin expedition.

19 October 2017

This month last year, Ewen A Whitaker died at the age of 94. Adam De Salle, a student at John Roan School, explores how this Greenwich astronomer's inspired work was fundamental to the success of NASA's lunar programme. 

10 October 2017

This project enables young people and schools in the local area to dig deeper into the National Maritime Museum's Collections and connect contemporary Greenwich and the Museum with its heritage.  Projects will be showcased in the new My Greenwich space as part of the four new Endeavour galleries opening in September 2018. This project provides opportunities for participants to learn about the UNESCO Greenwich World Heritage site, develop a better sense of ownership of the Museum through showcasing their work in a public gallery and gain new skills. Visitors can learn about and make connections to the Museum and the UNESCO Greenwich World Heritage site. Hear from a participant and their insight on the My Greenwich project:

4 October 2017

At the National Maritime Museum on October the 7th we are transforming ourselves into a Fun Palace. To do this we are inviting our local communities to run events, put on workshops and performances! It’s going to be epic.

3 October 2017

October’s Item of the Month looks at a prescient work of fiction from 1898, Morgan Robertson’s Futility (RMG item ID: PBF5926). 

27 September 2017

This month, see if you can spot the meteors from the Orionid meteor shower. (Details given are for London and may vary for other parts of the UK)