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The Keep Fit Brigade

26 March 2019

JOD/332 is a log kept by Captain Stanley Algar while a Prisoner of War at the Milag Nord camp near Bremen. However, the diary is not all it seems, while I was expecting to read Stanley Algar’s story of his capture and the gruelling day to day life in the camp, what it contained was quite different.

Tarbat Ness Light

26 March 2019

Were the lighthouse keepers on Flannan Island swept away? Or did something darker take place that night? 

Portrait miniature by Bettina von Zwehl_Amran.jpg

25 March 2019

In 2016 The National Museum of Women in the Arts asked the question ‘Can you name five women artists?’ This question kick started a global hashtag, leading people to share and champion the work of female artists. We are focusing a spotlight on five women artists whose work is on display at Royal Museums Greenwich. 

Sun in Virgo (2019) (c) Susan Derges, commissioned by the National Maritime Museum, London banner.png

22 March 2019

In 2019 new works by Susan Derges came to the Queen's House. We spoke to her about the symbolism within them. 

The tweed, after converted to sail

19 March 2019

With 2019 marking the 150th birthday of the Cutty Sark, discover the story behind one of its ancestors. What part did The Tweed, an illustrious vessel in its own right, play in the Cutty Sark becoming the fastest ship of her time?

Night sky highlights - April 2019

18 March 2019
The best of astronomy this month:  Catch the peak of the Lyrids meteor shower in the early hours of 23 April. By Patricia Skelton, Astronomy Education Officer (Details given...

Textile Volunteer Packing Project

15 March 2019

Collections Storage Officer Alex Strachan and Textile Conservator Nora Meller give an insight into the work carried out with volunteers to prepare stored collections ready for relocation to the Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre

NMM_Queens House Ceremony 2.jpg

14 March 2019

Organising events at Royal Museums Greenwich means working at not just one but five world famous heritage venues, all nestled within a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each venue has its own particular identity, its own unique selling point and of course its own challenges. But what are the benefits of a unique venue?

‘Trotsky’ the bear being transferred to HMS Ajax from HMS Emperor of India in 1921

1 March 2019

There is a long history of animals and seafarers coming together at sea. Seamen often kept cats and dogs as pets or ship’s mascots, but more exotic companions such as parrots, bears and monkeys also joined the crew. Horses, mules and even elephants were transported across the sea to be used in battle, while cattle, pigs, goats and chickens on board provided a source of fresh milk, eggs and meat.

A view of Greenwich Hospital from the river (BHC1829)

11 February 2019

The Caird Library and Archive has hundreds of manuscripts and printed works related to Greenwich Hospital, but only one substantial collection of papers of a naval officer from his time as Treasurer of the Hospital.