Research guide U3: Naval General Service Medals

Part of the Museum's collection of more than 6,000 commemoratives and gallantry awards, this guide lists 1848 General Service Medals held by the Museum.


This guide lists 1848 Naval General Service Medals held by the National Maritime Museum. They are part of the Museum's collection of more than 6000 commemoratives and gallantry awards.

Images of particular medals in the Museum's collections can be viewed through Collections online. For more information contact the curator, Barbara Tomlinson:

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For a complete list of awards see Douglas-Morris, Kenneth, The Naval General Services Roll 1793–1842, published 1982. A copy is available in the Caird Library.

Examples of General Service Medals

The 1848 Naval General Service Medal was awarded retrospectively in 1849 to naval personnel who had served between 1793 and 1840. A committee of flag officers determined the actions for which it could be claimed. The closing date for applications was 1851 and relatives could only apply if the original applicant died after 1 June 1847.

The medal was awarded to Daniel Tremendous McKenzie born on HMS Tremendous during the Battle of the Glorious First of June, 1794, for his participation in that action. Applications from women were deemed inadmissible. Listed below are a few examples of the many in the collection. For a full list please contact Barbara Tomlinson.

Medal ref Clasp/Action Recipient MED0736 Boat service 17 Mar 1794 (Martinique) John C Trueman MED0737

1 June 1794 Eurotas 25 Feb 1814

Robert Smith MED0738 1 June 1794 No name MED0739 1 June 1794 Dryad13 Jun 1796 C McDonald MED2692

1 June 1794 Stopford17 June 1975 Basque Roads1809 St Domingo Java Syria

Admin Sir Robert MED0740

1 June 179423 June 1795 (Isle de Groix)12 Oct 1798 (Tory Island)

Nicholas Arthurs MED0741

1 June 179423 June 1795 (Isle deGroix)14 Mar 1808 Capture of Lugan (Danish Brig)

Willian Henry Dillon MED0742

1 June 17949 June 1796 Capture of Utile14 Feb 1797 St Vincent

James Dallimore MED0743

1 June 179414 Feb 1797 St Vincent21 Jul 1801 Boat Service Cameret Bay

Robert Biggins MED1385

1 June 179414 Feb 1797 St Vincent22 March 1808 (Nassau)

W G Burbidge MED0744

1 June 17941 Aug 1798 The Nile

John Scheffer MED0745 4 Jan 1795 Blanche Thomas L Prescott MED0746 14 Mar 1795 (Gulf of Genoa) Robert Reid MED0747

14 Mar 1795 (Gulf of Genoa)24 June 1795 Lowestoft31 Mar 1804 Scorpian

George Salvedore MED0748

14 Mar 1795 (Gulf of Genoa)14 Feb 1797 St Vincent

William Morris MED0749

14 Mar 1795 (Gulf of Genoa)21 Oct 1805 Trafalgar

G Moubray MED0750

14 Mar 1795 (Gulf of Genoa)Cockburn 19 Dec 1796 Minerve14 Feb 1797 St VincentMar-Sep 1801 Egypt1809 Capture of Martinique29 Apr 1813 Boat Service

R.Adm.George MED0751 17 May 1795 Thetis William George Maude MED0752 17 June 1795 (Belle Ile) Capt S P Pritchard MED0753

17 June 1795 (Belle Ile)11 Oct 1797 Camperdown28 Aug 1809 Boat Services28 June 1810 Boat serviceW M Slaughter MED0754 24 June 1795 Dido Charles Ledditt

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