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National Maritime Museum
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Experience compelling stories of exploration, adventure, power, wealth and conflict including the Spanish Armada, Christopher Columbus, pirates and privateers.

Inside the gallery

Through 130 objects from the Museum’s rich early modern collections, experience a compelling story of exploration, encounter, adventure, power, wealth and conflict.


Experience the lives of both ordinary seamen and well-known characters, such as Christopher Columbus, 'Blackbeard', Elizabeth I, Francis Drake and Samuel Pepys.

Hear stories of the exploration and colonisation of the ‘New Worlds’ and the devastating impact this had on the indigenous communities who lived there.

Discover the ferocity of early-modern naval warfare through the conflicts with the Spanish Armada and the Dutch.

Behind the scenes

Discover the incredible lengths our conservation team went to in order to unlock a treasure chest belonging to Francis Drake. What did they discover inside?

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