Essential Information

Type Evenings & Lates
Date and Times Thursday and Fridays | 7-8.30pm and 9pm-10.30pm
Prices £35 per time slot

Someone is trying to break into The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre. Is it a thief, and if so, what are they trying to steal? As an undercover investigator you will help the curators find out what is going on and take action … and fast!

An anonymous tip has revealed that a person already known to the Museum is the potential perpetrator. We need to convince Security that the threat is real!

What is The Cursed Collector?

The Cursed Collector is a brand-new immersive adventure experience, playable from home.

To solve this case, you will work as a team, navigating the internet and unlocking databases to prevent a possible theft of an unknown object from the Collection Centre. But is that the whole story?

You will be planning undercover operations, exploring family histories, hacking security systems, cracking codes, and making difficult choices to uncover the mystery of the Cursed Collector!

With multiple players you can play collaboratively in the same location, or remotely over a video call.

image of storage facility corridor

Timings and tickets

This unique experience will run on Thursdays and Fridays from Thursday 3 February through to Saturday 9 April 2022. Two time slots are available per day.

Day of the week Time slots
Thursdays 7pm-8.30pm and 9pm-10.30pm
Fridays 7pm-8.30pm and 9pm-10.30pm

Tickets cost £35.00 per time slot, and each time slot holds between 2-6 participants.

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