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Type Guided tours
Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre
Date and Times 27 January 2022, 26 May 2022, 18 August 2022
Prices £20.00 for Adults and £10.00 for members

Delve deeper into our collection of more than 2.5 million objects on our specialist tours and talks series, led by one of our expert curators, researchers or conservators.

The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre is home to Royal Museums Greenwich's stored collections and state-of-the-art conservation studios. Since the development of our new collections centre in 2018, we are able to share our hidden treasures with the public, and showcase the skills and expertise of our conservation and storage teams.

Our specialist tours and talks will be centred around a different theme or topic each time – find out more about the talks on offer below.

Event programme

Dried fish retrieved from the wreck site of the ship The 'Royal George',

‘Unremarkable things with remarkable stories to tell’

With Dr Robert Blyth, Senior Curator of World and Maritime History

Thursday 27 January 2022, 7pm -8.30pm

While some museum objects appear to be obviously significant, valuable or imposing, others can seem to be ordinary, plain and even rather boring. However, just as you should never judge a book by its cover, some apparently dull and dowdy things have stories to tell that put shiny and precious objects into the shade. This multisensory tour – yes, there are objects to smell as well as see – will reveal the hidden horror, humour and history of some of the unsung and unexpected items in the collection of Royal Museums Greenwich.

A portrait of an unidentified young lady of the time of Charles I.

‘Forgotten Faces’

With Hannah Lyons, Assistant Curator of Art

Thursday 26 May 2022, 7pm-8.30pm

Join curator Hannah Lyons as we explore several ‘forgotten’ portraits of unknown, unfashionable, or unloved sitters, whose faces have remained hidden in storage, sometimes for decades. Why have these portraits seldom been on show? And what can this tell us about changes in taste and the histories of art collecting?

Maps, Charts and Globes

Produced in 1537, this is oldest globe in the collection.

With Dr Megan Barford, Curator of Cartography

Monday 18 August 2022, 7pm-8.30pm

Discover the treasures of the map collections in a behind-the-scenes tour with curator Dr Megan Barford. With objects ranging from the 15th to the 19th centuries, explore how the art of cartography changed over time, and what maps can tell us not only about where we are, but also about our place in the world.

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