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Type Daytime
Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre
Date and Times Third Saturday of every month | 10.30am-12pm
Prices Free (+ £1.00 booking fee)

Join our community of makers at The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre.

Ever wondered how to keep your silver shining or how to mount a picture? Join us as we build a community of makers and menders.

This is a club for the old and  the young to share current skills and discover new ones. Our fantastic facilitator, Lucy-Anne will lead this monthly club, showcasing a specific skill or technique which could be used to look after your own objects at home.

At this cross generational club, the participants will see a new skill presented each month . Participants will also get to meet like-minded peers, work on exciting team and individual projects, and learn new skills from each other.

Upcoming themes and skills:

16 October: Storing special things: Discover how we store items in the museum and how to make your own net to store your own special objects

20 November: Friends or foes: Learn about pest prevention and how to repair the damage they can bring

18 December : Christmas  Wrapping : Encounter how we protect our special objects in our storage facility and learn new ways to wrap your gifts ensuring they wont break on their way to your loved ones.

The monthly club will consist of 90 minutes of activities and demonstrations. Our knowledgeable and friendly mentors will support you whilst you try out different tasks and projects. 

Refreshments included.


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