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Type Talks and courses
Date and Times Mondays | 7pm-9pm | Check for full course dates
Prices £96
Royal Observatory

Introduction to Astrophotography will give you the basic knowledge, skills and techniques you need to create your very own images of space with minimal equipment you will already own – a DSLR, lenses and tripod. We will explore how night time photography is very different to daytime and how, with a few key ideas and practice, it’s possible to create amazing images yourself.

The course tutor will guide you through the first steps in learning how astro images are made from acquisition of photons which have travelled trillions of kilometres over millions of years to reach your camera before becoming pixels on your screen.  Starting with understanding camera settings, targets in the night sky and some straightforward processing you will soon be capturing and processing your own images. The course will also touch on some more advanced techniques using telescopes and guiding to give you a taste of the possibilities of deep sky astrophotography.

Who knows, you may soon be challenging for the Astronomy Photographer of the Year title!

This six-week course is running in the 2020/21 academic year on Monday evenings on the following dates:

  • 19 April - 24 May

Note: This course runs online on Zoom.

Age: 18+ yrs