Collection of papers.

Papers of Captain (E) WJ Lifton, CIE, RIN (b.1910): Collection of papers including - Articles of Agreement as Assistant Engineer, RIM, 14 Aug 1913; commission as Assistant Engineer, RIM, 23 Feb 1914; colonial certificate of competency as First Class Engineer, 30 Apr 1914; temporary commission as Engineer Sub-Lieutenant, RN, 23 Aug 1917; war appointment as Assistant Engineer, RIMS DUFFERIN, 2 Aug 1914; commission as Engineer Lieutenant, RIM, 28 Apr 1917; letter of thanks from Rear Admiral and Mrs Walwyn to serving officer of the RIN, 25 Nov 1934; award of King George V Jubilee Medal, 6 May 1935; award of King George VI Coronation Medal, 12 May 1937; RIN Squadron Order 151(E) of 1938 - 'Revision of Retiring Pensions of Commissioned Officers of the RIN & Rules to Govern their Promotion & Retirements', 12 May 1938; Government of India Defence Department (Navy Branch) letter, 20 Jan 1938, Statement of Terms & Conditions Governing the Service of RIN Officers under the Government of India Department of Commerce; 'Indian Republican Army', a pamphlet found on the body of a terrorist shot in an attack on Europeans at the Cricket Club, Chittagong, 7 Jan 1934; International Maritime Conference papers, Copenhagen, Nov 1945, at which Captain Lifton represented the Government of India (10 items); award of CIE, including correspondence, invitation and notes detailing procedures for investiture by the Viceroy, Mar 1946; record of prize cargoes taken, 3 Sep 1939-31 Aug 1942; record of war work carried out for Admiralty etc; personal papers - including Masonic Lodge, 5 Jan 1937 and 16 May 1947 (2 items), United Service Club, 6 Sep 1945, Royal Bombay Yacht Club, 27 Aug-7 Sep 1942, Royal Bombay Seamen's Society, 27 Aug 1942; and original and typescript of historical notes by Capt Lifton on a journey from Simla to Bombay immediately following the partition of India in 1947

Object Details

ID: RIN/13/1
Type: manuscript
Display location: Not on display
Creator: The Royal Indian Navy Association
Date made: 1913 - 1947
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: 42 items
Parts: Papers of Captain (E) WJ Lifton, CIE, RIN (b.1910) (manuscript)

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