Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016 Our Sun: Highly Commended

The highly commended image for the Our Sun category of the 2016 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.

The Our Sun category is for solar images, including solar eclipses and transits. It excludes shots of the sun with earthly landscapes (these are part of the 'Skyscapes' category). 

Highly commended for the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016 Our Sun category

The 2016 highly commended entry for the Our Sun category is 'Huge Filaprom' by Gabriel Octavian Corben (Romania), taken at Bucharest, Romania on 13 February 2015, using a Sky-Watcher Equinox ED120 double refractor telescope with Sky-Watcher NEQ6 Pro Mount, and a Pt Grey Grasshopper 3 GS3-U3-23S6M-C camera with 8780 mm f/31.5 lens and Daystar Quark H-alpha filter with multiple 3.2-second exposures.

What the photographer says

‘This image shows a very large filaprom, a prominence seen partially over the Sun’s disk as a filament. You could fit about 150 Earths side-by-side along its length. The image was obtained using an H-alpha [Hydrogen-alpha] Chromosphere model filter. Unfortunately the camera field of view was too small to completely capture the extent of this filament.’ Gabriel Octavian Corben

What the judges say

‘This image has an extraordinary three-dimensional feel to it. The interplay of the bright and dark regions is absolutely superb. With the dark filament turning into a delicate, twisting prominence at the limb, you really get a sense that this vast ribbon of plasma is looming over the smaller, roiling structures below.’ Will Gater

Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition

The Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, sponsored by Insight Investment, is an annual global search for the most beautiful and spectacular visions of the cosmos by amateur and professional astrophotographers. The winning images are showcased in a stunning exhibition at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. 

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