Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016 Our Sun: Runner-up

The runner-up image for the Our Sun category of the 2016 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.

The Our Sun category is for solar images, including solar eclipses and transits. It excludes shots of the sun with earthly landscapes (these are part of the 'Skyscapes' category). 

Runner-up in the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year  2016 Our Sun category

The 2016 runner-up in the Our Sun category is 'Sun-Flower Corona' by Catalin Beldea and Alson Wong (Romania and USA), taken at Tidore, Maluku Islands, Indonesia on 9 March 2016, using a CFF telescopes 80 mm f/6 oil-spaced triplet apochromatic refractor telescope with Astrotrac mount, and a Nikon D7200 camera with ISO 100480 mm f/6 lens at ISO 100 with 1/2-second–1/2000-second exposures.

What the photographer says

‘This image is a composite of 12 photos taken during the total solar eclipse observed in 2016. You can clearly see the coronal structures [the composition of the halo of plasma that surrounds the Sun]. I managed to photograph this just 50 kilometres north of the equator, after a last-minute boat ride to escape from clouds. (Image by Catalin Beldea; processing by Alson Wong)’ Catalin Beldea

What the judges say

‘Wow! A view of totality that your eyes could never give you, but which the clever use of a camera can. The Moon seems to have replaced the Sun in the sky, temporarily cloaking itself in the solar atmosphere to astonishing effect.’ Marek Kukula

Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition

The Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, sponsored by Insight Investment, is an annual global search for the most beautiful and spectacular visions of the cosmos by amateur and professional astrophotographers. The winning images are showcased in a stunning exhibition at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. 

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