Crew Lists of the British Merchant Navy 1915 - new online database

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Crew Lists of the British Merchant Navy 1915 - screenshot Crew Lists of the British Merchant Navy - 1915: screenshot of the new website.

Tuesday 30 June 2015 – we’re very pleased to announce the launch today of Crew Lists of the British Merchant Navy – 1915, a collaborative project between the National Maritime Museum and the National Archives highlighting the contribution of the Merchant Navy in the First World War.

For the first time ever, all the surviving crew lists of the British Merchant Navy from the year 1915 have been transcribed and the information made available to search online for free. These crew lists contain the details for around 39,000 voyages, including the names and personal details of over 750,000 seamen.

The crew lists are of immeasurable value to family historians, as one of the few sources of information about the contribution of our seafaring ancestors active in 1915. If you had an ancestor in the British merchant navy in 1915 there is a high chance a crew list for one or more voyages survives... Read the full post here