George Oates' NMM Flickr Commons release

George Oates, the former programme manager for the Flickr Commons, came to visit us at the National Maritime Museum in November 2008.
She spent some time working with our historic photographs when she was here, and has chosen some items from the collection for the NMM's Flickr Commons account. We're launching the first set today.
In progress
George's view of the coalface
The photographs come from the Museum's Villiers collection of about 20,000 negatives, which portrays a wide variety of maritime themes, reflecting Alan Villiers' seafaring endeavours.
A sailor and his accordion onboard the Parma
A sailor and his accordion onboard the Parma (N61653)
George's selection of photographs includes images from Villiers' voyages on the Herzogin Cecilie, the Grace Harwar, the Parma and on Arab dhows. You can find out more about Alan Villiers and his photography and about the Museum's historic photographs collection on the elsewhere NMM site.
Rounding Cape Horn on the Parma
Rounding Cape Horn on the Parma (N61569)
We loved having George with us in London, and the entries she 'curated' for our Commons presence provided a fresh insight into our photographs. We hope it also provides a new outside-in perspective on Museum content on Flickr.