Ian Fleming - Licence to Steal!


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December's item of the month is a Christmas special from our Manuscript collections. The publishing of a Christmas themed item of the month is tradition that goes back several years at the Caird Library. Previous years' festive items have included a staff magazine of the Cunard Steamship Company, The Illustrated London News of 1854, and the Christmas dinner menu of the HMS Hood.
This year's item consists of two notes from the Denning collection recounting some drunken escapades one December evening during WWII. Sir Norman Egbert Denning relates how he came to find himself in Trafalgar Square with a Christmas tree, a Norwegian agent, Ian Fleming (creator of James Bond) and a bottle of aquavit!
You can read the full item of the month, including the notes themselves, on the main museum website.
Renee (Digital Resources Librarian)