Meet the eXXpedition girls

For Women's History Month we're celebrating stories of amazing women and the sea. The eXXpedition girls are an all-female crew on scientific research missions exploring the world’s oceans. In today's guest blog they talk about their fantastic work. 

eXXpedition crew
If you start to research "female explorers" on the internet, you will soon be overwhelmed by incredible stories of women over the years who went completely outside of their comfort zones. They adventured around the world, learning and experiencing diverse landscapes, cultures and wildlife that make planet Earth so incredible. 
However, these are not the stories that get shared on a regular basis. In fact, you really have to search for them. A simple search for “explorers” just doesn’t cut it. Instead, you’d be inundated with lists of men – albeit amazing ones. Heroes, who explored and discovered lands, people, places, animals and helped shape our current understanding of the planet. 
I recently conducted a brief search like this myself and realised that in a list of 63 "Famous Explorers" compiled by, only two women are included. Is this a true reflection of how many women were involved in exploration? Or is it more that their stories weren’t known or shared?
Regardless of this - in recent years, the tide has started to change. There has been an exciting increase in the awareness of female explorers, from the discovery of historical explorers, to modern day explorers like Sarah Outen and Anna McNuff. Women who have ventured out to row, run, cycle and explore the world we live in.
But there is also a new wave of explorer. One who actively partners adventure and exploration with science, environment, health and conversation. 
eXXpedition girls
We are the #eXXpeditiongirls.
We are a series of all-female sailing crews on a mission to make the unseen seen – from unseen plastics and toxics in our oceans and bodies, to unseen women in adventure, sailing and STE(A)M professions. 
Inspiring change and instilling a duty of care for the earth and the oceans is a difficult task, but we believe that if we can make people see and experience the problem first hand – they won’t be able to “unsee” it. If we can also share tangible solutions, people will follow them through and make them a reality. 
Plastic pollution is arguably one of the leading problems our oceans face. It is an issue that is entirely man-made, and it is in spending time at sea that we have realised all the solutions must start on land.
pollution at sea
In a world that is entirely interconnected, there is no such thing as “away”. We thank the National Maritime Museum for sharing our story, and we hope more people will join us in our mission to create a healthier future.
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