Naval War College Review


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The other day while cataloguing (Andrew Lambert's new edited collection of Naval history), I came across a reference to the Naval War College Review being freely available on the internet.
So I looked, and it is!
This is the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. They have a Center for Naval Warfare Studies, and it's the center who publish the review. It's a U.S-focused quarterly, focused on topics relating to international security, defense and other naval affairs.
The Caird Library has an unbroken run of the review from 1990 but, as we now know, the latest issues are available online in PDF format. Perhaps even better, they also provide an index to all issues (PDF 1MB), from 1948-2007. It lists articles by author and subject, and book reviews from 1998-2007.
Perhaps not earth-shattering, but still quite interesting.
Renée (Digital Resources Librarian)