Our seaside snapshots

We've now opened Beside the Seaside, snapshots of British coastal life, at the Museum. It is based around the British interest in the seaside and is recorded by pictures dating from 1880-1950. The pictures reveal insights of life at the seaside in towns and villages across Britain as well as the habits of people at the time.
Lifeboat crew, Skegness, Lincolnshire
You can view all of the photos from the exhibition on our Beside the Seaside pages.
With the help of Anne from the excellent Nothing to See Here and I Like, we've also been hosting a Beside the Seaside group on Flickr. As well as viewing the pool in the usual way, you can view a slideshow on the NMM site. Use the pool to find out how our seaside towns and villages have changed in the last century. Of course, if you have some good seaside snaps you'd like to share you can contribute to the group too.
We think these photos come to life when you can see where they come from, so we've plotted them on a google map and geotagged them in the Flickr commons. The images are also arranged by geographical area in the exhibition itself.