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28 June 2010

Cunard Steamship Company Ltd's Souvenir of the Launching of RMS 'Aquitania' in 1913.


28 June 2010

This is the earliest such treatise on diving known to exist in English. It was written around 1720-30.


28 May 2010

The books that make up this collection are bound in wood taken from the wreck of the Royal George.


28 May 2010

Sketch apparently made 14 hours after Napoleon’s death, drawn by naval officer and later novelist Captain Frederick Marryat.


28 February 2010

Illustrations from a rare book showing Lieutenant Halkett's amazing inflatable 'boat cloak'.


28 January 2010

Alfred Withers' diary covers his voyage with Margaret his bride, on the James Baines from Liverpool to Melbourne, Australia in 1857.

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25 January 2008

One of the wonderful things about working here is being bombarded with questions that wrack the brain and start an ongoing research relationship with the chosen topic. Such are the Button Boys - the daredevils of the mast displays carried out by naval training establishments.